Tanya Michael, Author At Licious

Lunica Desai’s Vietnamese Shrimp Salad

All you’ll need for this delicious Vietnamese shrimp salad are some Licious fresh prawns, diced salad vegetables of your choice, and some nuoc cham sauce for the dressing. You could also use our chunky prawn sriracha spread as a replacement for the dressing.

5 meats & seafood that you love to cook

There’s no denying that our country absolutely loves to cook a variety of meats & seafood. At Licious, we offer you the widest range of fresh meats & seafood so that you can truly enjoy meat the way it’s meant to be and have the convenience of choosing the right […]

5 All-Time Favourite Meat Recipes

We started 5 years ago with a single aim  – to give you the freshest, highest quality of meats & seafood. Today, we count ourselves lucky to have meat-eaters from across the country making (and sharing with us) their most favourite recipes with our meats & seafood. Take a trip […]