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Planning a surprise breakfast in bed this Valentine’s? We’ll help!

Presents, romantic date nights, and grand gestures are all nice. But who doesn’t want to just stay in comfy PJs and eat yummy food? A delicious breakfast in bed is the ultimate romantic surprise for Valentine’s Day.

Pulling off a breakfast in bed surprise could be a little tricky. How do you eat in bed when you’re worried about crumbs and spills? What if your Valentine wakes up while you’re cooking and the surprise is ruined? Don’t worry, read on. 

Here are some tips that will help you plan a lovely breakfast in bed for Valentine’s Day

1. Plan the menu in advance

It doesn’t need to be complicated. You don’t even have to cook everything from scratch–you could buy their favourite muffins, for example. Just make sure you have what you need the day before (hide it if you need to!) so you can set it up quickly in the morning. Read on for a few recipes you could use for inspiration. 

Protip: Pick dishes that are easy to eat to reduce the odds of spills on your bed.

2. KISS – Keep It Simple, Silly!

This is not the time to experiment. You don’t have too much time before they wake up. Make what you know and be as quiet as you can while you’re cooking. When you’re plating it up, avoid clutter so you can carry it all easily to your bed. Find a sturdy tray so you don’t have to juggle too many plates. 

Protip: Get yourself a breakfast tray with foldable legs.

3. Finish off with something cheesy

We don’t mean the cheese you eat, though that’s great too. Add a little note telling them why you love them. Add a flower or a little gift that will make them giggle. Be cheesy, it is Valentine’s Day after all.

Protip: Inside jokes make the best cheesy gifts.

Breakfast in bed menu ideas:

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Main: Salami & Cheese Omelette
  1. Whisk the eggs with a pinch of salt and some pepper. Set it aside. Roughly chop up a few slices of Peppery Chicken Salami and set it aside.
  2. Warm up a nonstick skillet on medium heat. Add half of the egg mixture and when it starts to set, add half of the chopped up salami pieces and half of the grated cheese. Drizzle a little oil around the edges.
  3. When the eggs have set, run a spatula around to check if the entire omelette is cooked. Fold it gently and remove it on a plate.
  4. Repeat to make the second omelette. Serve with hot, buttery toast.

Sides: Grilled Sausages

This one’s easy peasy. Add some butter to a non-stick skillet. Gently drop in your favourite sausages and cook them for a few seconds on each side till they turn golden. Cut them at an angle and seve. 

Protip: Throw in some crushed garlic in with the butter.

Morning Cuppa: Dalgona Coffee

Do you know exactly how she likes her chai/coffee? Great! If not, impress her with an easy Dalgona-style coffee. Simply whisk 2-3 tsp instant coffee with 2-3 tsp sugar until the mixture turns nice and foamy and then gently layer it over hot or cold milk.

Protip: A milk frother will save you time and energy!

Plate all this nicely on a breakfast tray along with a refreshing Dalgona Coffee and a few other cheesy gifts and tiptoe to your bedroom to surprise your Valentine!

While you’re here, order Licious fresh eggs and cold cuts for your surprise. Remember to hide them so your Valentine is truly surprised!

If you try these recipes, do tell us how it turned out in the comments or post your breakfast in bed surprise on Instagram and tag us @licious_foods

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