Your Cheat Sheet To Cooking Easy Festive Meaty Treats!

The holidays are here, and we could not have been more delighted. 

With constant get-togethers and parties for friends and family, we understand it involves a lot of cleaning and meal planning. 

While we can’t help you out with the prior, we can definitely cover you for the latter. 

Kick back with good food and great company, without having to spend half your day in the kitchen. 

Here’s how we’d like to make this festive season wholesome and at the same time, a whole lot easier for you. 

This is our way to your home! 

Fish with Café de Paris Butter

Apart from your everyday kebabs, this festive season, opt for our pre-marinated, Fish with Cafe de Paris Butter. Not only is it easy to cook, but it adds an extra festive touch to your meal, making it super delicious.  

Spare a couple of minutes to give it a good fry and voila! You’re Fish with Café de Paris Butter is now ready. Click here to get yours now.

You can serve Fish with Café de Paris Butter along with a side of a well tossed-salad. It is the perfect starter to a wholesome festive dinner. 

Thyme and Paprika Roast Chicken – Whole

Some dishes are best served classic. Marinated with mixed herbs and spices of thyme, paprika along with a dash of garlic, the flavour brought out through this marinade is simply divine. 

With the chicken being so tender and the marinade on top of its game, you know you can trust this meaty dish to be absolutely flavourful. 

Add an irresistible meaty dish to your festive dinner with our Thyme and Paprika Roast Chicken. Click here to get yours now! 

If you’re looking for a quick yet wholesome main course, look no further. Our Thyme and Paprika Roast Chicken – Whole is a dish that serves it all. 

From the chicken being juicy and tender to the original gourmet recipe, this meaty main-course is a must-have. 

Click here to get yours now!

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