Daab Chingri – Delectable Prawns That Cook Themselves

Bengal isn’t just a place, it is the abode of everything creative in the field of arts, music and food exploration. The cuisine of this ancient state is different, with many special ingredients and spices going into cooking and flavoring the food. ‘Maache-Bhaate-Bangali’, is a popular term that summarises the quintessential Bengali. Seafood and rice are the recurring staples, whether for daily lunches, festive occasions or simple home cooked meals at the end of a tiring day. Fish delicacies prepared by them are truly unique with recipes passed down through generations. A traditional Bengali meal is like a journey, incomplete if you’ve just tasted one dish. The cuisine is multi-course – just like the French – rich, delicately flavoured and delectable. Biting into a piece of fish will give you a sense of deja vu, like tucking into your mother’s home cooked food.

A Bengali meal with its various sweet, sour, bitter tastes and play of ingredients tickles all kinds of palettes, but one thing that remains constant is the seafood. Mustard and maachi, two ingredients that this cuisine just can’t do without.

Daab Chingri is one such traditional Bengali seafood preparation. It’s also the most popular. It’s exquisite flavour comes from the prawns stewed in panch phoron, and wrapped in a tender coconut shell. The tender coconut or ‘daab’ which holds the prawns ‘chingri’ is slow cooked in mustard oil, and tastes absolutely delicious. Although the technique is very rare, the preparation is exciting and satisfying, nonetheless. To see your family lick their fingers to the bone, make this dish the traditional way. Daab Chingri will help you showcase your cooking skills and convert people to any cause you’re after 🙂

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