Bengaluru: In the first of its kind innovation, leading Bengaluru fresh meat and seafood start-up Licious has unveiled its state-of-the-art cryogenics facility in a bid to preserve its top-secret gourmet recipes locked up for the posterity. The brand is calling it the flavour-bank, keeping its choicest gourmet recipes made with fresh meats and seafood  in cryogenic environment so as to extract it at any given point of time. A bank locker for your recipe, if you will. Thanks to the technology the quality and flavour of the meat and seafood will remain unaffected and totally fresh.

What’s more, the brand which successfully concluded its Series D funding back in December, has opened its doors to its consumers as well. To 25 lucky consumers Licious is offering a chance to lock in their favourite marinade in their cryogenic facility for as many number of years between now and year 2100 and mention the concerned recipient. At the end of which duration, the marinade will be unlocked and delivered to the person concerned.

“It’s like time-travel for your taste-buds,” said one avid Licious consumer. “To have my great grandchild taste the same marinade without any change to the quality or flavour of the meat is simply astounding.”

“Licious has always been in dedicated to setting industry benchmarks. It goes without saying that we want to grow and redefine what we as a brand are today,” said one of the brand’s spokespersons.

“We always hold secret family recipes close to our hearts. Those that have been handed down the generations. The same concept applies here. We have consumers who are crazy about their favourite flavours. Now there is a way for them to preserve it for their great grandchild or great, great grandchild,” he continued.

So without further ado order your favourites and stand a chance to be the chosen 25 to be a part of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for spreading meat-love through the generations.

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