Dhaniya Chicken Recipe

#MomChef: Yamini Chhetri

Craving #MaaKaKhana? Try out this delicious recipe that’s been lovingly shared with us as part of our Mother’s Day campaign. We’re sure you’ll feel this mother’s love on your plate when you eat it. Enjoy!

What’s so special about this dish? Here’s what Taanvi has to say: 

“This dish always takes me back to my childhood. I think my favorite memory of it is whenever I was hungry mumma would quickly make this and the aroma would make my mouth water. It was perfect for brunch, snacks and even dinner. With a good bake and garlic bread this chicken dish is heavenly. If I had to compare my moms warmth to a dish, Dhaniya Chicken fits perfectly.”

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Taanvi's Mumma's Dhaniya Chicken
Dhaniya Chicken Recipe
Dhaniya Chicken Recipe
  1. In a frying pan add the butter and let it bubble.
  2. As the butter turns brown, add the garlic and let the aroma fill your kitchen.
  3. Toss the chicken into the pan and fry until the skin is golden brown.
  4. Add the pepper to taste, continue to fry.
  5. On high heat, add the coriander and toss it in the chicken.
  6. Fry until the coriander changes colour.
  7. Serve hot.

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