For the love of meat!

When it comes to meat, we’re as particular as you are.

We don't just love meat, we're obsessed with it and have as many nakhras about it as you do. That's why our chickens only come from biosecure farms and are the perfect 1.5kg weight. Our fish is caught daily and comes from the coast to your kitchen in 24 hours. Our mutton is pasture-raised and allowed to rest to ensure perfect tenderness, and all of our ready-to-cook treats are made with fresh meat or seafood.


When we say fresh, we mean it - none of our meats & seafood are ever frozen. They're kept consistently chilled between 0-4℃ and are packed in FreshSeal technology vacuum sealed packs to retain their freshness.


We do this and so much more…. All for the love of meat!

Anil Kapoor & Surmai:
A Love Story!

Watch Anil Kapoor fall in love and cook his favourite fish fry. The hero of this love story… fresh fish from Licious! 

Meet Chef Arjun Kapoor!

He’s got chef nakhras about his chicken and you should too! Watch him impress Anil Kapoor with his delicious chicken and find out why he orders his chicken only from Licious.

The Licious Promise:

"If we wouldn't feed it to our own families, we won't sell it to you."

Why Licious meats & seafood?

  • Always fresh, never frozen for the best taste & texture
  • Weighed after removing unwanted parts so you only pay for the best pieces
  • Hygienically packed with FreshSeal Technology & delivered fresh
  • Go through 150+ safety & quality checks
  • No antibiotic residue or chemicals
  • 300+ specialty cuts for all your favourite recipes

Ready to be choosy about your meats & seafood?