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    Chicken Tangdi Kebab

    Chicken Tangdi Kebab

    Drumsticks | Spicy | Smoky

    Hot & spicy, a meaty, juicy and flavour-packed treat for all occasions - whether it is to amp up a boring weekday meal or a starter for game days. Each bite of Licious Chicken Tangdi Kebab oozes of the spicy masala that is has been cooked in

    Bring the flavours of the streets of Delhi home with the Chicken Tangdi Kebab and rustle it up in just 8 minutes. Chicken drumsticks are marinated in spices such as mace, fennel and cardamom and then pre-smoked and roasted over charcoal. These drumsticks are freshly marinated and ready to cook!

    Order Chicken Tangdi Kebab online and get it delivered to your doorstep.

    Note: Use within 15 days from the date of manufacture.

    FSSAI Category 8.2.2 Heat-treated processed meat and poultry products in whole pieces or cuts.

    Pieces Image urlNo. of Pieces 3
    Serves Image urlServes 1-2
    Cooking Time Image urlCooking time 5-7 mins
    Net Weight Image urlNet wt. 3
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