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    Basa (Pungus/Vaalla Meen) - Fry Cut

    Basa (Pungus/Vaalla Meen) - Fry Cut

    Freshwater | Fillet

    Our fresh Basa Fry cut is a great pick for fried fish or baked delicacies, especially if you are new to fish. This fish is not bony and does not have a fishy flavour. The tender pinkish flesh of the Basa has a mild smell that makes it popular among children too. When cooked it turns soft and flaky. . 

    This boneless cut of the Basa has between 3-4 pieces and is crafted by experts into thick and neat rectangular fillets . 

    You can make delicious breaded fish fries with them for a lip-smacking snack or bake them with your favourite veggies. You could also pan fry them with butter for a quick meal. 

    Licious fish & seafood is sourced from Licious approved vendors and have no added chemicals or antibiotic residue. 

    All Licious products are temperature-controlled at every stage between 0-4?. This ensures that each product is chilled, not frozen to maintain freshness. 

    Order Basa Fry Cut online and get it home delivered!

    Pieces Image urlNo. of Pieces 3-4
    Serves Image urlServes 1-2
    Net Weight Image urlNet wt. 250gms
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