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    Goat Curry Cut

    Goat Curry Cut


    It’s time to make a change—to make your mutton curries meatier, richer & tastier! And, our Premium Goat Curry Cut is just what you need.

    Our rich, succulent pieces are expertly cut to make the perfect curries, pan-fried dishes and more. This pack has the perfect assortment of bite-sized, bone-in and boneless pieces, along with 2-3 Nalli pieces.

    This versatile cut can be slow cooked or pressure cooked. The gamey flavours of the mutton adds to the richness of the curry. The pieces are cleaned & neatly cut, ready to go straight from pack to pan, leaving you with juicy, melt-in-the-mouth mutton chunks to enjoy!

    Whip up dishes like Mutton Kosha, Mutton Masala, or Laal Maas, a favourite among spicy food lovers, and enjoy it with a piping hot plate of steamed rice!

    Our goats are pasture-raised & feed-controlled and age and weight regulated, making for perfectly tender, fresh cuts of mutton. They are sourced from government approved vendors and free from antibiotic residue.

    Order the Premium Goat Curry Cut online from Licious and get it delivered to your home.

    Pieces Image urlNo. of Pieces 13-26
    Serves Image urlServes 4
    Net Weight Image urlNet wt. 500gms
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