All About Card Tokenisation

card tokenisation

What is Tokenisation?
As per recent RBI guidelines, starting 1st October, 2022 merchants like Licious or their payment partners cannot store credit/debit card details and can only use Tokens for repeat card payments. The process of converting your existing saved card details to Tokens before 1st October, 2022 and saving new cards as tokens after 30th September, 2022 is called Tokenisation.

How do I Tokenise my existing saved cards?
To continue using saved cards for seamless payments, you will need to provide a one-time consent to tokenise your card information before 30th September, 2022. You will see this additional consent step while making a payment through an existing saved card. 

What if I don’t tokenise my saved cards by 30th September, 2022?
If you don’t tokenise your saved cards before 30th September, 2022 then they would be automatically deleted on midnight 30th Sept, 2022.

Can I save my card again if they are deleted on 30th September, 2022?
Yes, you need to simply re-enter your card details on the Licious payment page under the Credit/Debit Cards sections and select the ‘Securely save card details’ check box. Once you make the payment, your card would be saved in tokenised form for future use at Licious.

What if I have already given consent to tokenise my saved card at Licious?
You don’t need to take any action, Your card will be available to use at Licious even after 30th September, 2022.