tips to cook eggs perfectly

6 Tips To Ensure You Cook Eggs Perfectly!

A great breakfast makes for a start to a great day. Let’s talk about what makes a great breakfast. One word, plenty of dishes: EGGS! 

While eggs are pretty easy to cook, we’ve all sometimes ended up with a rubbery omelette or an overcooked sunny side up! To avoid cooking eggs like that, here’s what you need. 

Ready to cook perfect eggs? Give these tips a try!

We’ve put together 6 essential pro tips that will ensure you cook eggs perfectly, everytime. With these tips and fresh, hygienically packed eggs from Licious, you’re sure to take your breakfast game up a notch! 

Cook Eggs On Medium Low Heat

Be it scrambled eggs omelets when you cook eggs, make sure to keep your flame on medium low heat. This will give your eggs a creamy fluffy texture and not overcook or worse, burn them. 

Dunk Eggs In Cold Water

Here’s how you get a perfect hard boiled egg. Add water in a pan and set the flame on medium-high. Add your eggs and let it boil for 7-8 minutes. The secret technique to cooking perfect hard boiled eggs is to dunk them in cold water right after they are boiled. This will ensure your egg does not overcook and you can enjoy the egg yolk just the way you like it. Dunking your eggs in cold water also helps to take off the egg shell with ease. 

Use A Non-Stick Skillet To Cook Eggs

Using a non-stick skillet and a rubber spatula while cooking eggs is something we recommend. The tip of the spatula is flexible and helps to stir the egg with ease. It does not stick to your pan and you can go easy on the oil/butter. 

Use Butter Instead of Oil To Cook Eggs

Using butter to cook eggs instead of oil gives a creamy taste which is almost comforting. It adds an extra touch to your egg that is beyond delicious. You could opt for either salted or unsalted butter depending on your preference. 

Add A Few Drops of Water Around Egg Whites

Such a small tip but yet a lifesaver. While cooking your eggs sunny side up, drizzle some water around the egg. This allows steam to collect and cook the yolk to perfection without over cooking or burning the egg white. 

Poach eggs in an idli steamer

No whirlpool, no stress and you can poach multiple eggs at a time! Perfect for Sunday brunch at home. Add a dollop of butter and crack your egg into it. Let it steam for about 4-5 minutes and you will have yourself a perfectly poached egg.

These 6 tips will ensure your eggs are cooked perfectly every time. If you need help with recipes, head over to the Licious Blog. Here are some easy, yet fun and delicious recipes you can try. 

Let us know how your eggs turned out to be in the comments below. If you post your recipe on social media, hashtag us at #MadeWithLicious and tag Licious on Instagram. We’d love to see your delicious creations. 

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