Braganza Bros’ 3 easy snacks made with chunky prawn spread

We gave our friends, the Braganza brothers, our chunky prawn spread, and the challenge to come up with easy snacks. They accepted the challenge and gave us 3 of the easiest snack ideas ever that all use less than 3 ingredients each.

First up, prawn cocktail

Some fresh veggies, seared prawns, and scoops of Licious chunky sriracha prawn spread is all it took to make this tall glass of a good-looking snack.

Devilled eggs

You simply can’t go wrong with this. Just boil eggs, scoop out the yolk, heap it up with Licious chunky sriracha prawn spread, and top it off with some diced veggies. Even we can’t believe how easy it is.

Spread & Toast

That’s it, Licious chunky prawn spread and toast! If you want to spruce it up, sprinkle some sesame seeds and diced spring onions on top. Choose the butter garlic flavour chunky prawn spread for a milder taste, and sriracha if you like it hot.

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