Chunky Prawn Spread

Meet the New Chunky Prawn Spread

Introducing for the first time a delicious ready-to-eat Chunky Prawn Spread that’s loaded with real chunks of prawn in every bite.

The new Chunky Prawn Spread comes in two versatile flavours that are creamy, rich and loaded with real prawn chunks. If you like a little heat try the Sriracha flavour or go with the Butter Garlic flavour for a milder, creamier taste.

With no artificial preservatives and 0% Trans Fat, the Chunky Prawn Spread is like none other.

Now you can whip up a tasty meal in a jiffy with this versatile Chunky Prawn Spread. Here are two easy, quick and convenient snacks made with Chunky Prawn Spreads.

Loaded Prawn Tacos

Make a delicious Taco at home with the Sriracha Chunky Prawn Spread.

Load up the taco with your favourite veggies, kidney beans and herbs, then top it all off with a generous helping of the Sriracha Chunky Prawn Spread. It adds heat and texture while also giving you bits of crunchy prawns in every bite.

Hearty Prawn Salad

Spruce up your healthy salad with a dollop of Butter Garlic Prawn Spread.

Toss together your favourite salad leaves, mushrooms, crunchy veggies along with big dollops of our Butter Garlic Chunky Prawn Spread and then season as required. The creamy texture of the spread works as a salad dressing while the chunky bits of real prawns level-up your seafood quotient. 

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