What is Khasi Meat? Learn all about Khasi goat & authentic cooking methods to cook it!

Mutton dishes are considered to be a delicacy in India. Its rich flavour and texture make the meat ideal to prepare several mutton dishes. From drool-worthy kebabs that you can find on many Indian street food hot spots to tempting mutton curries that are enjoyed with steaming hot rice and chapatis, goat meat is loved by all. But how many of you know that there are different varieties of goat which makes their texture and flavours distinct from one another? One such variety is ‘Khasi’ for Khasi meat.

Special Village Cooking Mutton – What Is Khasi Meat?

Khasi meat is basically the meat of a Khasi goat that is found in the eastern region of India. It is also a common type found in Bangladesh, because of which you can come across a series of Bengali Khasi mutton dishes that are enjoyed in the country along with many parts of West Bengal. This special goat meat is from the male castrated goat which has a richer flavour than other mutton and is less gamey. This adult goat has matured meat containing minimal fat.

What makes Khasi meat popular is its high-quality which is also considered healthier by many people. They come with inseparable rich fat inside which further enhances the richness and flavour of the meat during preparation. In many villages and towns of eastern India, you can come across many households which prefer cooking and eating Khasi meat instead of other varieties.

Meat Cooking Methods – Here are some benefits to know about Khasi Meat

Like other goat or mutton meat, Khasi meat too offers a series of health benefits when consumed in moderation. As mutton contains less amount of fat, it is leaner and contains less cholesterol.

Fun facts about Khasi Meat

As rare as this variety of goats is, it also comes with certain unique characteristics.

  • Khasi goat or Khasi Meat means black Bengal goat in English and it is a breed found majorly in West Bengal, Odisha, Assam, and Bihar in India.
  • This breed of goat can be differentiated from the rest with its unique black colour. You may also find Khasi goats in white, brown, and grey colours in some areas.
  • It is comparatively smaller in size with a tight body structure, which makes it less fatty than other varieties of goats.
  • The black Bengal goat features smaller horns and shorter legs, making them weigh lesser. For instance, a male Khasi goat will weigh a maximum of 25 to 30 kg.
  • This goat breed is known for its capability to adapt to any environment which makes it more disease-resistant generally.

How To Cook Meat Like a Pro: The Best Methods For Every Cut Cooking Methods

To cook Khasi meat, you do not need many unique spices and herbs. This breed of goat has been a significant part of many kitchens for several years. This is because of their ability to survive in any environment and because they are easy to breed. This goat variety mostly eats grasses and leaves, unlike the other varieties that also enjoy hay and tree bark. This further makes Khasi goats economical.

To cook Khasi meat like a pro, you should ensure cooking it in a pressure cooker so that the meat cooks well. As Khasi meats are tighter in texture, they take more time to cook. You can add your basic kitchen spices as per the required amount. A spicy and runny curry is highly recommended to enjoy the rich and strong flavours of the meat. And when you make one, don’t forget to share it with us on Instagram!

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