Looking to buy Prawns Online?

Here’s what you need to know

If there’s one thing 2020 has taught us is that everything can be purchased online. Buying fresh meat online is not only extremely safe but also a great way to save time and access a variety of products. That’s why many consumers who once believed in the traditional ways of buying meat from a wet market are slowly switching to online means. With far greater accessibility and convenience, it is a wise choice. 

If you’re looking to make the switch but need some clarity here’s everything you need to know about prawns and buying prawns online. 

What do prawns taste like? 

If you have never bought prawns online or from a wet market before and are looking to buy prawns online, then you must first know that shrimp and prawn are two different kinds of meats. However, they can be used interchangeably in the kitchen. Prawns have a distinct taste that is sweeter than shrimp. Prawns are also meatier pieces and aren’t as tender as shrimp. 

Before you buy prawns online, here’s a bit about the different kinds of prawns. 

There are about 300 species of prawn in the world; however, only a small percentage of this can be used commercially. In India, freshwater prawns, green tiger prawns and yellow prawns are household favourites. 

 What to look for when buying prawns? 

Here are a few ways to check that the prawns you buy are fresh and of good quality. 

Prawns, like any other seafood, when fresh does not have a foul-fishy smell. If you buy prawns online, make sure the prawns are chilled but not frozen. Frozen prawns tend to cling together in clumps. 

Another way to check the freshness of prawns is to look at its appearance. You want the prawns you buy to appear moist. If you’re buying prawns in the shell then the prawns should not appear dry or have cracked shells. Lastly look at the colour of the prawn. Prawns have a blue-gray colour when raw. 

How do you clean prawns? 

To clean prawns start by washing them in some cold water. Then gently pull the head and tail of the prawn. The head of the prawn can be used to make a curry. Store in the refrigerator if you plan on doing this. Then remove the shell by gently tugging on it. To devein the prawn scrub the black thread-like structure off. 

Do you have to clean the prawns you buy online? 

The best part about buying prawns from Licious is that the prawns come cleaned with head and tail removed. They are already deveined and ready for marination. They are juicy and flavourful and ready for your pan. Simply marinate our fleshy and flavorful pieces for a scrumptious meal or snack. If you’re feeling lazy then you can try our ready-to-cook prawns zaffrani or even our chunky prawn spreads

After you buy prawns online, what can you make with them? 

Prawns can be easily whipped up into delicious curries, fries and salads. They tend to dry out easily, so be aware of this if you choose to fry them. If you want a classic and slightly more coastal take on prawns then simmer them in a coconut-based curry. To make into a side dish, whip up Kerala fried prawns, sriracha prawns, prawn masala or batter-fried prawns. Prawns can also be added to pulaos and biryanis for delicious meals.

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