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All You Need to Know about Squids and a Few Great Recipe Ideas!

“Kanavai” in Tamil, “Koonthal” or “Kanawa” in Malayalam, “Kalamri” in Hindi or Squids in English – they can be called cousins of Octopus, having elongated bodies, large eyes, eight arms and two tentacles.  Squids are highly intelligent and are found in oceans, including the chilly waters of Antarctica. Usually pale […]

Grilled Red Snapper on a white plate, garnished with dill. Around the plate are slices of grilled onions and grilled cherry tomatoes.

No Fish Journey is Complete Without Info on Red Snapper!

Sankara Fish (as called in Tamil) is another name for Red Snapper. You may have heard of it as “Tambusa” in Hindi, “Pahari” in Malayalam, “Korameenu” or “Thundava” or “Rangu” in Telugu, and “Chempalli” in Kerala. Sankara fish is one of 113 species of the Snapper family. The fish in […]