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Jalebi Fish

A Tilapia Tale

Famed as the food of Pharaohs in ancient times, Tilapia is the world’s second most farmed fish, after Carp. The term Tilapia actually refers to several related fish species that originated in the Middle East and Africa but are now farmed all over the world. The waters of Asia and […]

Licious Commits to Chicken Welfare

As a company built by meat lovers, for meat lovers; our promise to our customers is that we will never sell meat or seafood that we wouldn’t feed to our own families. This promise is deeply interwoven with another one that we made, to ourselves, even before we launched. The […]

Looking to buy Prawns Online?

Here’s what you need to know If there’s one thing 2020 has taught us is that everything can be purchased online. Buying fresh meat online is not only extremely safe but also a great way to save time and access a variety of products. That’s why many consumers who once […]