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How to Make a Nostalgic and Delicious Egg Maggi (and Savour it!)

Maggi remains the nation’s favourite when it comes to enjoying instant foods. Apart from the flavoursome spins on many of their masalas, this noodle snack is synonymous with comfort food. If you love the original Maggi masala with a desi kick, you’re surely going to enjoy reading about Egg Maggi.

What’s Anda Maggi? 

The Anda Maggi or Egg Maggi recipe is easy – it ensures a delicious and versatile dish that can be made with everything that comes in a pack of Maggi and some eggs. There are many ways to make Anda Maggi, with innovative recipes surfacing on the internet from time to time. 

You may prefer a half-boiled egg resting on top of your soupy Maggi or you may like an omelette to accompany your noodly indulgence. There’s also the famous Anda Masala Bhurji Maggi, which is popular street food in many parts of India. Maggi with egg is a widely appreciated, tasteful combination!

If you love the taste of eggs, you will surely enjoy learning how to make Egg Maggi. It’s quick, easy and simply fantastic. In fact, some of the recipes are so tantalizing that you can enjoy a different variant of Anda Maggi each day of the week. Plus, you can always bank on the added nutritional advantage of fresh eggs. 

How to Make Egg Maggi

Egg Maggi is known for the various ways you can incorporate the egg into a bowl of noodles. A sprinkling of coriander, finely chopped spring onions or even mushrooms can accompany your Anda Maggi. If you like an added kick, you may want to include pepper, chillies and tomatoes in your Egg Maggi recipe. But if you’re happy with just the masala sachet that comes along with Maggi, you can also go for a more minimalist Egg Maggi recipe. Either way, the important ingredient is eggs.

When it comes to eggs, we have a great selection. Fresh and cleaned eggs that are quality checked, safely packed and delivered to your doorstep in no time. Choose from classic, brown, quail, kadaknath and more. Any option would certainly accompany your noodles perfectly.

Cooking instructions:

The cooking instructions are pretty clear, you cook the famous 2-minute noodles with the tastemaker or vegetables of your choice, and incorporate egg in your own style and as per your taste. It shouldn’t take more than 10-15 minutes to make a fancy Egg Maggi dish that you simply adore.

Here are some Egg Maggi recipes that can bring joy to you and your loved ones. 

Masala Anda Maggi

This recipe involves chopped green chillies and onions sauteed with tomatoes, Maggi masala, red chilli powder, ginger garlic paste and boiled vegetables of your choice. An egg is scrambled with the veggies and then added to the Maggi noodles. Chopped coriander to top it off can really bring out the masala’s punch. 

Chatpata Egg Maggi

A fusion of red chilli powder, pepper, garam masala, roasted cumin powder, shredded cabbage, green chillies, bell peppers, onions, eggs and hot and sweet tomato sauce – all of these items are sauteed and cooked separately and then combined with Maggi with a chatpata edge.

Mushroom and Egg Maggi

Anda Maggi with mushrooms is a heavenly combination. Combined with the Maggi masala and garnishes of your choice, you can add some green chillies and hot sauce to spice things up. And if that doesn’t cut it, the plain Mushroom and Egg Maggi recipe would still be wonderful. 

Anda Maggi with Crispy Vegetables

With a handful of vegetables, eggs and some Maggi, you can make a stir-fried variety that is packed with enough nutrients. This Anda Maggi is different from other Egg Maggi recipes because, in this version, you stir fry the vegetables (no tomato) until they’re crispy. Then a scrambled egg goes in! 

You may want to garnish the dish with spices, exotic herbs, peppers and chillies. The Maggi is cooked as usual and mixed with the crispy veggies. It’s perfect when you want to feel the crunch and still savour the comforting soft noodles in your mouth. 

In Conclusion

Since Maggi is relatively easy to cook, the addition of eggs leads to endless possibilities. This handy dish is not only tasty but can accompany you to any corner of the world as long as you have a fire, water and a wok. Grab your Licious eggs today and make this quick and easy dish, that is both kid-friendly and delicious.

If you make any of the Anda Maggi recipes above, we would love to see them. Tag us in your Instagram pics with #MadeWithLicious and you might be featured on our page! Bon Appétit!

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