Cold Cut Meats: What Makes Licious Cold Cuts Unique?

Cold-cut meats are a popular choice when it comes to quick meal fixes. From sandwiches and breakfast options to snacks and side dishes, cold cuts are used in a variety of recipes all around the world. Cold cuts are a great choice to add to noodles, pasta, pizza, and other dishes for a flavourful meal. 

Here, we share everything about cold cuts and what makes Licious cold cuts unique. 

What are cold cuts?

Cold meats are also known as luncheon meats, cold-cut meats, sliced meats, cooked meats, and deli meats. Cold cuts are cured or precooked meat, often salami, sausages, and meat lovers that are served hot or cold on party trays or sandwiches. They can be purchased pre-sliced from Licious!  

Nutrition, Food Safety of Cold Cuts and Lunch Meat Calories  

In general, cold cuts are high in iron, protein, vitamin B12, and zinc. Cold cuts usually last three to five days once opened and hence they need to be consumed within one to three days if stored properly. To store them properly, place them in a plastic bag or airtight container and store them in the coldest part of your refrigerator. They can also be stored in the freezer for a longer time.

Ways to Enjoy Cold Cut Meats?

Cold-cut meats can be used in several different ways. You can enjoy them as a side with your eggs for breakfast or add them to your Maggi, pasta, or Hakka noodles to take the dish to the next level. Cold cuts like sausages and salami can also be added to your pizza for the best taste and flavour. 

What Makes Licious Cold Cuts Unique?

If you’re looking for the best cold cuts online, try our Licious Cold Cuts which are unique and flavourful. They are made with premium cuts of meat, fresh ingredients, and spices. Our cold cuts contain no added artificial preservatives and come in a range of delicious flavours that you can choose according to your taste. These cold cuts take only a few minutes to cook and are perfect to enjoy on their own or add to any dish to take it to the next level. 

Here are the different types of Licious cold-cut meats that you can choose from our website

Chicken Sausage

A breakfast classic, our ready-to-cook breakfast sausages have been made with tender ground chicken. Mildly seasoned and slightly salty, you can pair our Classic Chicken Breakfast Sausages with eggs and bread for a high-protein, delicious breakfast. You can also choose from options like Chicken Sausage with Thyme and Cheese, Chicken and Cranberry Sausage, and Chicken Sausage with Pimento and Cheese

Classic Smoked Chicken Frankfurter 

Naturally smoked and made with premium cuts of chicken, our Classic Smoked Chicken Frankfurters are juicy and have an earthy flavour. You can also choose Chicken Frankfurter with Paprika and Cheese made with tender chicken mince that’s juicy, firm, and flavourful! 

Peppery Chicken Salami  

Spiced to a perfect level with black pepper and red chilli powder, our Peppery Chicken Salami is a delicious treat for all meat lovers. Lean and flavourful, these salamis can be a perfect addition to your sandwich, pizza, salad, or burger. 

Chicken Loaf (Smoked & Sliced)

Neatly sliced and smoked by our experts to give you a perfect salami with subtle hints of red chilli. The salami is ready to cook and is ideal for pizza, pasta, and sandwiches. It is also a great option to enjoy as a side with eggs as well. 

Chicken Chorizo Frankfurter 

Try our ready-to-cook Chicken Chorizo Frankfurter. It’s made from tender chicken mince that has been smoked to perfection over natural oak wood and seasoned with chorizo seasoning and garlic. 

So go ahead and order our Licious cold-cut meats and add a unique flavour to all your favourite dishes.

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