Grey Mullet – A Fish That Offers Many Benefits and Tastes Fantastic!

If you like the sizzling sound of a fresh fish being grilled, then trying the appetizing grey mullet fish, also known as Madavai, can really make you drool. Grey Mullet is a popular fish found commonly in the North Sea or the Mediterranean Sea. Although it is not found in India, it is imported here in large quantities. If you like to experiment when it comes to food, trying out the Grey Mullet is a great option. It is not heavy and comes with a ton of health benefits. Hence, trying it is a must! Although most people are not aware of the goodness of the grey mullet, at Licious, we have compiled all the necessary Grey Mullet Facts which can excite you about this fish. So, if you’re ready to dive into the goodness of the Grey Mullet, let’s get started! 

About the Fish

Grey Mullet is a rare fish that can live for around 25 years. This fish takes time to mature completely. As a result, it is believed that it matures at the age of 11 or 12 years. Also, it comes in great variety and diversity. Around the world, this magnificent fish is known by an array of names. 

Some of the most used ones are common mullet, bully mullet, sea mullet, striped mullet, flathead grey mullet, black true mullet, Formosan grey mullet, and Galapagos mullet. It is green in colour with silver on the sides. Note, that it can grow up to 50 centimetres in its lifetime. It can be served before lunch or dinner, or as a side dish.

Here are the numerous benefits of Grey Mullet – 

  • An excellent source of vitamin B6, potassium, selenium, and phosphorus.
  • A great source of fatty acids like Omega-3. 
  • An excellent source of protein for muscle building and boosting the immune system.

Fun facts about Grey Mullet 

  • When out of the water, Grey Mullet or Madavai Fish becomes notorious and starts to jump. As a result, these are also called jumping mullets. 
  • Like humans, sharks also like to consume grey mullet.

Licious Grey Mullet

At Licious, our fish and seafood are selected from the day’s catch and are never frozen, instead, it is chilled between 0-4℃ at every stage to retain freshness. Our expert meat technicians cut, de-scale, de-gut and clean the fish so you do not have to worry about prep. Additionally, all our fish and other meats are passed through 150+ safety & quality checks and hygienically vacuum-packed before reaching your doorstep.

Grey Mullet is a great choice if you are planning to prepare something new this time. It’s great for frying or baking. Also, steaming is a great option. Unlike other fish, the grey mullet is a little different as it has a strong, nutty flavour.

If you’re looking for grey mullet or other varieties of seafood, click on the button below. Happy cooking!

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