The best cuts of meat in town

Here’s what you need to know about cuts of meat.

What is a ‘cut’ anyway?

A cut of meat is a portion of the whole animal that has been cut or broken down by a butcher, so it’s easy for you to cook it at home. Not everyone is an expert chef who can break down a whole bird or animal into usable cuts for home cooking. Here’s where cuts are great. They save a lot of your time and energy, and make cooking meat an absolute joy.

At Licious, our butchers combine meat science and artisanal butchery to bring you perfect specialty cuts. This ensures that you have a better meat to bone ratio, and a meatier, more satisfying meal. Let’s talk about our range of cuts.

Bone-in Cuts

While eating meat on the bone might not be the best experience, cooking meat on the bone is great. It prevents the meat from drying out, and gives you a beautifully moist dish. These cuts are specially prepared for dishes where the meat is cooked for longer durations on high heat.

So if you want to make a curry, try our Curry Cuts in Chicken, Lamb, and Fish. For a nice dum biryani, we have the Lamb/Goat Biryani Cut. Having a barbecue? Try Chicken Thighs or Lamb Chops. You’ll see that despite these cuts being bone-in, the meat to bone ratio is high, ensuring you don’t just end up with a pile of bones on your plate.

Boneless Cuts

Boneless cuts are perfect for dishes you want to put together really quickly. They’re a blessing on weeknights when you want a meaty fix, fast. They cook really quick and are easy to eat too. Boneless meat is a bit more prone to drying out if cooked for too long, but if you brine it, you’ll get a tender, moist dish.

For grilling, steaming, and pan-frying on weeknights, boneless fillets of fish and chicken breast are great. If you want to make a quick stir fry, try Boneless Chicken Strips or Prawns without Tail. If you want to toss some meat over a pasta, we have boneless cubes of chicken, lamb, and fish. For a flavourful keema, try chicken mince and lamb/goat mince.

Unique Cuts

If you’re adventurous in the kitchen, you might want to try some of our more distinctive offerings like kidney, liver, and shanks. All thoroughly cleaned and sinew-free for a pleasant experience.  

Lamb Kidney

We also have chicken and lamb/goat soup bones that you can use to make your own delicious broths at home. A broth makes a great base for a soup and can be added to your curries and stews for added flavour. Plus, it is an extremely healthy addition to your diet.

This isn’t all. We have a large variety of cuts available, and are constantly working to add more you will love. Do explore our cuts, and tell us what’s your favourite in the comments.


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