A Very Beer -Y Friendship!

The World loves meat, the World loves beer. Nothing is more tasty and refreshing than having a pint of our favourite beer with our favourite meat dish.

Continuing the celebrations of the World Beer Day (which should officially be everyday), here are some ways you can get the best out of the tasty and refreshing friendship between beer and meat.


Fish can be served with various sorts of beer depending on the type of fish and the way it was cooked.

White steamed fish with mild tender flavor tastes perfect with wheat beer of with other sorts that do not have bitter taste.

Red a bit oily fish tastes good with bitter beer, which has hop flavor but doesn’t taste sweet.

Grilled fish makes a good combination with the beer which has burnt smoky flavor. Most people prefer not very bitter beer, sweet enough, which is perfect for hot seasons.

Smoked white fish (haddock or halibut) is served with light beer with high alcohol concentration or with the sorts which are quite sweet and not really bitter.

Fat smoked salmon or trout make a perfect combination with the beer with high hop and alcohol concentration.

Sea food

Shellfish usually have salty taste but at the same time they taste different and may be combined with various sorts of beer.

Lobsters and shrimps taste sweet and make good combination with light beer, such as pilsner for example. If you serve the food with sauces, you can have beer with a more bitter taste.

Crab has a more intense and rich taste, it goes well with light beer with a good level of sweetness. But if you have crab claws the beer should beer light.

Mussels taste perfect with a strong not very bitter beer.

Oysters are usually served with strong sorts.


Chicken, pork and veal may be served with various sorts of beer. Chicken meat has light taste and tastes good with fresh light beer with average hop and malt concentration.

Chicken with garlic and herbs need light sweetness, fruit flavor and low bitterness. Wheat beer will be perfect.

Chicken with chili or spices should be served with the beer that quenches thirst perfectly. Ice sorts or Asian beer will be good.

Other Types of Meat

Steaks and roast meat may be served with beer with strong hop and malt taste.

Steamed meat with spicy taste may be served with various sorts of beer starting with light bitter pilsner to dark lager; both of them may be mixed.

Mutton is a bit tough and should be served with the sorts that have hop sweetness and bitterness.

Steamed mutton tastes good with bitter beer, with pilsner, for example, or dark lager, you can also mix pilsner with dark lager 1:1.

Roast mutton with garlic tastes good with very sweet beer with strong fruit flavor and low bitterness.


  1. I ate and relished the image with my eyes. My palate waits to be served in 3D.
    Please do the needful and oblige.
    Thanking you in the meanwhile.

    • Hey Misbah, We would be happy to serve you. Checkout our website, we are running CELEBR-EAT MEAT Carnival. Lots of interesting products and deals are on.

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