Give Meat A Zesty Marinade

Got a new job or promotion? Let’s party!

Play games, celebrate birthdays and anniversaries, call friends for pajama parties, qualified an exam or exams got over, throwing a housewarming party, karaoke nights, dinner dates, post break-up, woo your partner, weather is good, don’t want to be alone; reasons might be small or big or no reason at all, we love to celebrate every moment of life and make it special in some or the other way. Licious’ marinades (ready to cook) range is there to add that zing to your life. Now you can turn your everyday menu into a special one.

Life is a great occasion and to celebrate it you need to add some flavors of fun, joy and laughter. Similarly, to add flavors to any meat, marinades come in handy. Marinades can add a magical touch to your meat dish. It not only adds flavor to the meat, but it also elevates the dish to a whole new level. With Licious’ marinated meats (ready to cook) range, your meat preparations will be

  1. Super easy and fun
  2. Pocket-friendly &
  3. Amazingly delicious

So, time to rock and roll with Licious! Because Licious’ marinated meats are original gourmet recipes created by master chefs and are fit for every occasion.

Friends at Home

Hurrah! It’s the games night. All your friends are busy playing. Obviously, you don’t want to be left alone in the kitchen preparing stuff. For such nights, chicken wraps are awesome. Pick up a naan or a burrito, put some pan-fried marinated and grilled chicken inside it, and wrap it up inside your mouth. You can also put some chicken cutlets in the wrap with some sauce and veggies in the wrap. These wraps are tummy-filling and you don’t have to keep serving. Just few bottles of beverages and you are back to your seat enjoying the rest of the game night.

A naan wrap is a rage outside India. When you visit food-truck festivals, you will find them selling it everywhere. They add some yoghurt, sliced onions, coriander to it and you are good to go. If you don’t want to serve naan, just try it with tacos and serve it. Try Licious’ Amritsari Achari Murgh in a wrap or a taco; a perfect fusion of east and west.

And if you are planning for a karaoke night, time to roll up your chicken! You don’t want to smear your hands with food while singing. Do you? Thus, rolls are the perfect karaoke party food items. A Chicken Malai Tikka roll is a perfect option for people who are looking for a meaty munch. Use chapatis, tortillas or parathas, make your roll the way you like. Just add some crunchy veggies to make that roll, roll over your tongue.

Chicken sandwiches are an all-time favorite munching for friends at home. Toast it, grill it or eat it raw, marinated chicken sandwiches will always be on the list. You can prepare these sandwiches in no time, as you can order marinated chicken of your choice on Licious, grill it and tuck it in the sandwich. And, keep singing!

And, for all the kitty party lovers, Licious’ provides a wide range of marinated meats. We all want affordable party food for such occasions. Licious delivers you the best quality meat produce at the most reasonable prices. You just spend on what you eat; that’s our promise.

Dinner at 8?

People coming over dinner or arranging a romantic date for your bae? Licious’ ready to cook is at your service.

A dinner party has a three-course menu. Start your dinner party with some delicious Lamb Chapli kababs or some Crispy Chicken wings with a dip of your choice. Then you can serve Marinated Chicken in Pasta for all the pasta-lovers out there or Mediterranean Prawns with Spaghetti. For desserts, serve a nice and rich Chocolate Mousse that is perfect for every occasion.

Licious is there to take care of all the three courses. Check out our range of ready to cook meats that will fit into your dinner menu easily.

Or if you are throwing a cocktail party for your guests, then serve some finger foods and appetizers with breezy cocktails. You must have tried bean and cheese quesadillas. This time serve Caribbean Jerk Chicken Quesadillas with cocktails. And, if you are looking for some mouth-watering appetizers, go for Marinated Chicken Skewers or Chicken Lollipops. Come on! We can think beyond French fries and onion rings. Right?

Kids Going Crazy

Birthday celebrations for kids or for adults; you might be boggling your mind over the menu for the party. For birthday parties at home, especially for kids, you mostly go by the choice of the kids.  Pizza, burger, pastas are always on the top of the mind. So, this time if you have an oven at home, avoid ordering regular pizzas from outside and try baking garlic chicken or a butter chicken pizza. Subways are loved by all kids. So, want to try Peri Peri Chicken on a pizza?

I Love My Family

Most of us spend a large amount of time with our family. If you want to do something to make them feel special, you can cook a hearty meaty dinner for them. Especially, couples can spend some quality time cooking together. Don’t worry! With Licious’ ready to cook range, cooking will be easy and fun. You can even engage your kids to do some baking or grilling. Happy family time!

Also, there are some occasions when we celebrate with our extended family and relatives; such as housewarming parties, baby shower and so on. The big move into a new house or a new member of the family arriving must be celebrated in a big way. Now, on this great occasion you invite your near and dear ones. You want to serve good home-cooked food and at the same time, you do not want to create much mess in the house. Licious is there to help you out.

Chicken Malai Tikka or Chicken 55 are great options as party appetizers. As we go traditional on theses occasions, Butter Chicken Curry with rice or Keema Pulao will go well with all the guests invited for lunch or dinner.

Some Me Time

There are times when you are alone or want to be alone. So, if you want to spend some me time, cooking is one of the best ways to relax and enjoy simultaneously. Relish the butter-coated Nilgiri Fish Tikka or the royal Prawns Zaffrani with steamed rice. All you have to do is just order on Licious. Cleaned, cut and marinated perfectly for such occasions, you can order ready to cook meats of your choice on Licious. No artificial flavors or preservatives are added in the marinated meats.

With Licious, you can celebrate every day. Just party with Licious! Click here to order.

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