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Cook up the most mind-blowing meaty curries ever!

Meat curries are one of the best menu options if you’re a meat-eater. They can be whipped up quickly on a weeknight or slow-cooked when you have the time, and served with steamed rice or chapatis. No fuss. Every region of the country has multiple versions of curries, so you have innumerable recipes you can try out based on your favourite flavours. 

Every good curry has three basic layers of flavouring: whole spices; aromatics like ginger/garlic/chillies; and onions + tomato/yogurt/coconut milk for the gravy. A combination of these in varying quantities will result in delicious curries every time. To add on, here are some of our favourite tips that will help you cook up delicious, meaty curries every time!


Use good quality meat 

This might be slightly obvious, but it is essential. Use meats with a high meat-to-bone ratio, cut up in approximately the same size so they cook uniformly. Bone-in pieces are good since they don’t dry out easily and ensure you have succulent pieces in your curry. Our Curry Cuts are perfect for meaty curries. They’re cleaned and cut up into small or large pieces, depending on what you prefer. 


Marinate the meat

Always marinate your meat, even if it is for as little as 15-30 minutes. It enhances flavour and helps the meats lock the juices in, so it won’t dry out when you cook it. When you marinate the meat in naturally occurring acidic ingredients like lemon juice, it also helps tenderize the meat so the protein becomes easier to digest. 


Cut onions and tomatoes really fine

Onions and tomatoes form the base of your curry. If you want a thick curry, you’ll need to chop them really fine versus larger chunks. Chopping them fine also ensures better caramelization of onions and therefore a darker, tastier, base. You could also grind the caramelized onions to a fine paste, and use tomato puree for a thick, even curry. 


Fry the pieces of meat 

A good way to boost the flavour of the meat is to fry the pieces after they’ve been marinated. Spread them around a thick bottomed vessel and allow them to lightly brown on all sides. Set them aside and add them back when the curry is almost done cooking. This will also ensure you don’t end up overcooking the meat if you need to cook the curry for longer than usual to thicken it. 


Cook on a low flame 

It takes time for a curry to develop flavour. If you try to rush it, you might end up burning it or worse, overcooking the meat in the process. Be patient, add your ingredients step-by-step, and cook them on medium low so they have the time to mix with each other and increase the depth of flavour of your curry. 


Use these tips the next time you’re cooking a meaty curry, and let us know how it turned out in the comments or on social media. Remember to use #MadeWithLicious. For high-quality meat with a great meat-to-bone ratio, explore our range of Curry Cuts of Chicken, Lamb/Goat, and Fish – all cleaned, perfectly cut, and delivered to your doorstep in the most hygienic way.


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