Just like the famous duo of Sherlock Homes and Dr. Watson, or the hilarious Tom and Jerry, sometimes things work best in pairs.

Even if you decide to fly solo, like Sheldon Cooper, you would still have to give into a chemistry of another kind. Whether its gastronomic, or Amy Farrah Fowler.

Meat and the sauces accompanying it, can break or make a meal. That’s why this type of friendship between the two, like a Joey for a Chandler, gives the ability to play off of each other and become the perfect mixture of opposite and same.

And what better occasion to talk about the power of duos, than the eve of the terrific twins of the week, Saturday and Sunday.

We’d like to proudly present our Weekend Special, Sauce Wars.

A war so epic, that it cannot be covered with a single blog post on a single day. A war which puts generations of the sauce alchemists’ sauciest creations against each other. The Old Guard vs The New Revolution. The Ancient Ones vs The Youngbloods.

Chins shall be smeared, plates shall be cleaned, meats shall be doused and fingers shall be licked.

At the end of it all though, there will only be one winner, YOU! As you would’ve found the sauce of your life. So let’s not wait any longer, Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war!! HOOOOWWWWWLLLLL!!!!!

Episode I – The Triumphant Traditions

There are a few things in life which have endured the test of time. Traditional ways to create sauces for different types of meats are a part of that exclusive club. Days, Months, Years, Decades…even Centuries have passed since the basic ground rules of pairing meat, poultry and seafood with sauces were laid.


The love has not waned, in fact it has increased exponentially with time. Here are some pairing tips, so that you’d never be “bamboozled” by confusion again!

  • CHICKEN works well with almost anything, including most spices, vegetables and herbs.
  • SEAFOOD pairs wonderfully with sauces based on citrus fruits, herbs and butter.
  • RED MEAT  goes great with sauces highlighting full-bodied red wines where the boldness of the protein and the astringency of red wine combine for sensational flavour.

However, some pairings of flavours that might be considered traditional to one family or region,  might be seen as unusual to others.

It is this vast diversity in regions and culture that gives food wizards an open canvas to create, blend and twist together an innumerable variety of meat and sauce flavour combinations. Thereby giving us a vast and expansive  inventory to develop the next big wave of “smash hit” sauces, that can be paired with the most marvellous of meats.

The Battle rages on. To be concluded in Episode II. Stay tuned.

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