An open letter from our founders

Our Dear Meat Lovers,

This year we’ve turned 5 and we wouldn’t have got here without each and every one of you… our customers, our partners, our friends.

5 years ago we set out to fulfil, what some called an impossible dream… branding fresh meats & seafood, sourcing products that met standards which didn’t even exist back then and giving consumers the option of ‘better’ meats. We built Licious around that single principle; India deserves to eat better meat. 

The journey up until today wouldn’t have been possible without you. You didn’t just accept our audacious dream but embraced it and constantly pushed us to go further and be better. You gave us a chance and then took the time to give us feedback. You challenged us, trusted us and returned to us week on week. We are humbled by your unwavering love and support.

Today, we’re more than just a brand of fresh meats & seafood. Our commitment to delivering better meat to you is deeply linked with our commitment to creating tangible change in this country’s meat industry. You are also an integral part of that change.

Thank you for all the times you gave us an opportunity to be a part of your family meal. For every chance to do better, for every unbiased review and every recipe you took the time to share with us. 

We are overwhelmed and blessed.  

Abhay & Vivek

Licious Co-Founders

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