Open Call To All Meat Lovers.

Hey Meat Lover,

Have you ever found yourself enjoying that juicy roast lamb unembarrassed at a restaurant or at work with both hands and cheeks smothered with sauces? Do you forget the knives and the spoons and the forks when it comes to your favourite chicken wings? Definitely, yes! They just end up on your hands, on both edges of the lips, hair and all over (:P)! Tell me (please), you have never shied away from doing all that it takes to crack open a shrimp shell.

Isn’t it just awesome to forget the people around and indulge in the meaty dish with YOLO in your mind?

If your answer is YES, you are as Big a meat eater as I am.  Over the years my innovations, right from deli meat to marinades, the smallest and the biggest creation have undergone extensive development and trails before they reach your doorstep. Licious for me is way beyond creating a product line, it an inspiration- you need to live food, feel it and taste it. And I can do this only when I talk to you, understand you and make you the pulse of my product innovation.

Voila! And here I come with my idea of making Licious a product of meat eaters, by meat eaters and for meat eaters.

And if you resonate with my idea and consider yourself to be a proud meat lover,  you have all that it takes to become our Brand Ambassador. Like Xerox is to photocopies,  I want you to become synonymous with our next product.

You taste the product straight from my innovation table ( yes, before anybody else). You have the power to approve the product before it is launched. And FYK, you launch the product too. Yes, you heard it right. You also get featured on the packaging of the product which will be delivered to thousands of meat lovers across the country. Want more? You stand a chance to have your picture on the Licious box for the next three months.

Excited? Just one step to land here. If you are a meat lover, you already like( did you say love) the Licious page on FB. Stay tuned to the page for the next step.

And if you cannot contain the excitement, write to me

From Joe.

Born To Meat.


  1. Arjun Kumar Pamnani

    Rooted to earthy flavours,,well cooked meats are a direct connect to pleasing all our senses of flavour,sight ,smell and taste. They are hormone boosting foods that give life boosting energy.

  2. Wowww????????????


    Is this halal

  4. The best meat i have ever had deliciously yummm it’s fresh i have been carving to eat something like this in bangalore especially the sea food is simply awesome all thanks to the door step services it makes our cooking easy thank u so much licious

  5. Is your meat Halal? If not, you lost a huge potential customer.


    I like fish. Malli ,singhada,surmai,balm

  7. I purchased goat meat it was worst experience had from Lucious from the first time. I cooked it for 3 hrs but it was not able to cook still it was raw.
    Not Satisfying.

    • Joysree Mitra

      Dear Prem,

      We are sorry to know that the product you received was not satisfactory. Request you to please drop us an email at with your registered mobile number as we would like to speak with you directly in regards to this matter.

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