We Bet This Is The Right For The Left-Handers!

Bumping elbows at the dinner table, smudging while writing, and awkwardly using that pair of scissors that don’t quite work. Everything seems to be ‘not so right’ for left-handers, even the most basic things. Slicing a bread, swiping into a subway or even enjoying a meaty drumstick to the fullest reminds a lefty of his daily battle with a world customized for the right-handers.

Research shows that only 12 percent of the population is dominant on the left. Though left-handers are pretty adaptable and can manage with the standard right-handed products, why should they have to do this?

To solve the same and to make the life of lefties a bit easier, Licious collaborated with Indian Lefty Club. After a couple of tests on behavioral inhibition, patterns of eating and weeks of interaction, we concluded that eating certain dishes for the left-handed is a struggle. Belonging to the majority, did you ever realize that enjoying a meaty drumstick could be a pain? Well, we found that there are lefties who are battling this issue.

We conducted another survey, where the Licious quality team personally interacted with a few existing Licious customers and the response was the same.

“I am a proud lefty,” said Rahul Shetty, an existing Licious left-handed customer. Much excited, Rahul said that he loved being unique in a room of people where he was the only left dominant. But as he grew up, he realized his struggle through daily activities.

Shweta, one of the oldest member of the Indian Lefty Club, shared her story too. Her son is a lefty who had to compromise and learn to adapt in his early days of school. In fact, he was once forced to change hands and eat right-handed while enjoying a drumstick.

Certainly, there is a problem and we choose to solve it. After months of tweaking, testing and a lot of interactions with Indian Lefty Club, we’ve perfected a dish, unlike anything you have seen or tasted before. ‘Left-Handed Pahadi Tangdi Kabab’’ is the newest addition to our existing range of marinades. Featuring drumsticks infused with the strong flavor of mint, we are proud to be at the forefront of innovation. The handles of the drumsticks have been perfectly angled to hold easily with the left hand. The 27° angle makes sure that even when had from the left hand, the meat-to-bone ratio is higher and you can enjoy every bit of the meat. Each piece has been customized to twist comfortably clockwise and anticlockwise so that you can enjoy to your heart’s content.

Jimi Hendrix did learn to play a right-handed guitar left-handed or probably even mastered the way to enjoy his meaty drumsticks. But you do not have to!  

‘Left-Handed Pahadi Tangdi Kabab’ is available for pre-orders! Write to us talktous@licious.in. We will be more than happy to receive a custom note from you lefties. 


  1. Riya Talukdar

    I am a lefty and I got quite emotional after reading this article. Till date no one has been quite so considerate about the issues of lefties. You guys coming up a left handed kabab is amazing. Kudos to you all

  2. Bharat Manwani

    Love meat and specially of licious ! Would love to become brand ambassador for it

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