BBQ Chicken Pizza Recipe

5 Recipes That Taste Better With Your Friends & Family!

Friends, family, and loved ones are the building blocks of our lives. Almost everyone has a cherished memory of cooking for or eating with their near and dear ones. Food has and always will be a bonding experience because what could be better than good food & great company? 

So, we thought we’d put together a short but sweet list of recipes worthy of sharing. You can chow down on these at the next family or buddy movie, date, or game night. These recipes are a mix of easy snacks and elaborate meals. They taste so good you’ll have no complaints. Let’s tuck in.

Loaded Chicken Nachos

Loaded chicken nachos 5

This snack is so simple, there’s ZERO cooking involved. You need a bag of store-bought nachos, whatever flavour you fancy, and a wholesome jar of Licious Chunky Continental Chicken Spread. Add your choice of toppings and don’t forget the cheese, then you’ll be good to go! Read the recipe below for garnishes. 

Loaded Chicken Nachos Recipe

Meaty Vada Pav

Galouti Pav Recipe

Another easy-peasy recipe jam-packed with flavour. Open up a pack of Licious ready-to-cook Lucknowi Mutton Galouti Kebabs, pan-fry them for 8 minutes and you’re done! Set up an assembly line of buns, kebabs, condiments, and toppings. Let your family D.I.Y their own meaty Vada Pavs! Here’s our recipe.

Meaty Vada Pav Recipe

BBQ Chicken Pizza

BBQ Chicken Pizza Recipe

This is a quick fix, you’ll need some pizza dough, BBQ sauce & fresh chicken breasts.  Put it all together, let everyone choose their toppings, and then bung the pizzas in the oven. Nothing is stopping you from making the dough or sauce either if your friends and family are up for it.  It’ll give you the opportunity to chit-chat and catch up. Here’s our simple version, it’s worth the read. 

BBQ Chicken Pizza Recipe

Thai Prawn Green Curry

Add variety to your meals with this lip-smacking recipe. You’ll need some Thai Curry Paste, our fresh deveined prawns & some veggies. This recipe is creamy and mildly spicy and is perfect for a sit-down meal. So invite your friends & family around and get cracking with the recipe below.

Thai Prawn Green Curry Recipe

Mutton Biryani

Hot Mutton Biryani served with raita!

Bring out this recipe for your next big event – a birthday, anniversary, etc. Biryani is a crowd-pleaser, and this recipe is no exception. It can be tricky, however, without the right tips. Lucky for you, we’ve put together a few note-worthy pointers along with a fabulous recipe. Marinate our fresh goat biryani cut the night before and have fun cooking. Read more below.

Mutton Biryani Recipe

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