Buying crab online? Here’s what you need to know

Come along as we crack down on this mystery meat!  Fresh and sweet crab is available at different times of the year all over the country. In coastal areas, crab is bought straight off fisherman and devoured in curry, fries and salads. Known for its distinct flavour and supple texture, crab can be a great addition to your weekly dinner routine. However, a lot of people tend to shy away from cooking it at home. Many crab lovers will eat crab at a restaurant but are too afraid to make it themselves at home. We’re here to help make you familiar with this mystery meat. Buy crab online and come along with us to find out everything you need to know about the meat. 

What are the different kinds of crab available in the market? 

There are over 4000 varieties of crab available in the market. Three kinds of crabs are available for use in the Indian market – mud, rock and sea crabs. Of these, the most popular are mud and rock crabs because of its sweeter flavour. They are also bigger and tend to have meatier pieces. Sea crabs are usually pinkish-orange in colour and have thinner claws. If you’re looking for a tasty and beginner-friendly crab, then try our gutted, cleaned and quartered blue crab. It’s easy to make and has already been cleaned to save you loads of kitchen time. The meat is juicy, tender and slightly moist. The crab has a sweet, nutty flavour and is perfect for soups, curries and batter-fried dishes. Get fresh blue crab delivered to your doorstep! Read more on the different kinds of crab here.

How to check the freshness of crab? 

Although seafood is extremely tasty, consuming stale seafood is bad for health and can make you sick. The easiest way to tell the freshness of seafood and crab is to check its smell. A stale crab will have a repulsive fishy odour. The second way is by touching the meat of the crab.The meat must be soft and moist to touch. If the crab has a slimy feel to it, then it is a stale crab and must be disposed of immediately. When you buy from Licious, you can rest assured that the meat we deliver to your doorstep meets the mark. We deliver seafood whose freshness has not been compromised, right from fisherman to your home. 

After you purchase crab online, here’s how to cook it: 

If you’re buying crab online, then half the work has already been done for you. Buying crab from a wet market is quite a time consuming and complicated process. To begin, you have to either steam or boil the crab. To boil the crab, fill a large pot with water and add a generous amount of salt. Immerse the crab and allow it to boil for about 20 minutes. You then have to remove the gills, carapace and mandible (essentially the outer shell of the crab). You can then proceed as per usual and whip up these delicious portions into a soup or our favourite – crab cakes. Want to know more about how to cook crab cake? Check this out!

How to buy crab online? 

Want to buy delicious and fresh crab? It’s now easier than ever. Simply visit the Licious website or download our app from your play store or app store. Add the crab of your choice to your cart and get it delivered in 120 minutes! 

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