Christmas Menu Plans For Everyone!

What makes Christmas our favourite holiday of the year? The food! From roasted turkey to cups of piping hot chocolate, the holidays are generally a wonderful time as we get to eat our weight in sweet and meaty treats. 

Whether you’re a beginner in the kitchen or enjoy a bit of a challenge, we think you’ll enjoy these menus we’ve put together to help you cook up a delicious Christmas feast! 

Beginners Menu Plan

Are you a newbie in the kitchen? You’re not alone! For most people, the beginners’ phase is just like the start of a new relationship – exhilarating, exciting and an emotional roller coaster. There are days when you master a complicated recipe and others when you end up burning boiled rice. That’s the best part about cooking! Every time you step into the kitchen, you’re bound to learn something new. 

If you’re a beginner chef, then the holidays may be extremely daunting. Pictures of tables stacked with delicious food from one end to the other can jolt the beginner cook. That’s why our ready to cook range is here to help. Made using fresh meat and good quality ingredients you can rest assured that the food you put on your table this holiday season is delicious and safe. 

Starter: Ready to cook Super Chicken Platter

Start your meal off with an assortment of spicy, meaty treats. Order our ready-to-cook super chicken platter and serve up flavourful and juicy Habanero Chicken, Chilli Chicken and Sichuan Chicken. Marinated in spices, the chicken comes ready to cook. Simply fry and serve alongside our pudina chutney for a burst of flavour. To know more on how to cook them, click here

Main Course: Ready-to-cook Sunday Roast Chicken

Have you always wanted to roast a chicken of your own but found it extremely daunting? Just order our pre-marinated spice and condiment flavoured whole chicken and pop it in the oven. Don’t have an oven of your own? Not to worry! Our Sunday Whole Roast chicken can easily be whipped up in a pressure cooker. To know more on how you can cook Sunday Roast Chicken watch this video:

Intermediate Menu Plan

If you’re an intermediate chef, then the kitchen is not a foreign place to you. By now, you’ve tried basic recipes and know what works and what doesn’t. So kick off this holiday season by trying something new. Not only will it be a great learning experience, but it will also give you a boost of confidence! 

Starter: Fish with Cafe de Paris Butter 

Start your meal off by frying delicious parrotfish in a pan. Our fish comes with flavorful herb butter that can be used to fry the Fish in. This lends a rich aroma and exquisite flavour to the mildly sweet fish. To know more on how you can whip up Fish with cafe de Pari butter watch this video:

Main Course: Honey Roast Duck 

Inspired by French and German Yuletide traditions, Danes usually consume duck on Christmas Day. This holiday season indulges in some flavourful roast duck. Duck is an extremely flavourful meat. Our duck comes pre-marinated in spices, herbs and Worcester sauce. This lends an aromatic flavour and taste to the meat. Our honey-roasted duck can be prepared both in an oven and in a pressure cooker. Watch this video to see how:

Advanced Menu Plan

If you’re a pro in the kitchen, then feel free to turn up the heat. Go all out when you’re making your Christmas meal. Try something new and exquisite! 

Starter: Deviled Eggs 

This starter is straight out of a storybook. Deviled eggs are a classic Christmas starter. Simply order in Licious fresh eggs and boil. Scoop out the yolk of the eggs and mash. Mix the boiled yolk with vinegar, mustard, salt and pepper. Top the whites with the mixture and serve. Click here to order Licious Fresh Eggs. 

Main Course: Roasted Turkey 

Turkey is the highlight of every Christmas feast. If you’ve wanted to whip up a turkey of your own this year is a great year to start. Order fresh and naturally raised turkeys from Licious. They come cleaned and ready to be marinated! 

For the marination simply heat cooking butter on a pan and add herbs of your choice. Coat the inside of the turkey with this dress and then brush the top with it. Preheat the oven to 450-degree Fahrenheit. Place carrots, potatoes, celery or any vegetable of your choice on a tray and place the turkey on top. Pop the turkey into the oven and reduce temperature to 350-degree Fahrenheit. The rule of thumb generally is that for every .5 kilogram of turkey add 13 minutes to the oven time. An average turkey usually needs a couple of hours at least. To know more about how to cook a turkey without an oven, click here

We hope these meal plans have inspired the chef in you. Let us know what you thought about the recipes in the comments below. Don’t forget to check our wide range of Season’s Specials! 

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