Licious Everyday ESOPs!

Dear Lician Family & Friends,

When we started the Licious journey, we consciously aimed to achieve a very singular thing. It’s something that can be really simple to put down on a slide, but we assure you it’s way more  difficult to bring to fruition… ‘Delight’.

Delight is what we have pursued with fervour from day one. As a company we wanted to delight everyone that came into contact with us; our customers, our employees, our partners, our investors, our friends. But what we’ve learned in this journey so far is this; that you cannot delight anyone else if joy and a sense of pleasure doesn’t reside deep within ourselves.

We realised that we cannot make a difference in our customers’ lives, without making a real difference in the lives of those entrusted with delighting the customer: the Licious family of Spartans.

So when is the perfect time to make a difference? Is there a correct time of day? A particular mood perhaps? What’s the right thing to do, and when?

We believe that every day is an opportunity for us to create Delight. Yup. Each and every day.

Which is why we are delighted to announce that we are the world’s first start-up to:

1)  Allow the everyday vesting of ESOPs post the mandatory cliff of 12 months. This means that ESOPs granted to Licians will vest on a daily basis instead of on an annual / half yearly / monthly basis, which is the standard industry practice.

2)  Allow liquidation of ESOPs whenever any Lician wants to cash in – no questions asked, no need to wait.

There were many nay-sayers when we started Licious. There are probably many that still scoff today. But despite the noise, we have stayed true to our singular aim since day one. To delight.

Someone much wiser than a lot of us once said “The best way to predict the future is to invent it.” We’d like to invite him over for a hearty meal, because we think we’ve done just that.

Abhay & Vivek
Friends. Foodies. Founders.

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