Licious Commits to Chicken Welfare

As a company built by meat lovers, for meat lovers; our promise to our customers is that we will never sell meat or seafood that we wouldn’t feed to our own families. This promise is deeply interwoven with another one that we made, to ourselves, even before we launched. The promise to not be just another fresh meat brand in the market, but to actively contribute to building and bettering the category (of animal husbandry and fisheries in India) by responsible and sustainable sourcing practices.

At Licious, the quality and safety of the meat we serve you is our singular priority. Since the safety of the product we sell you is directly proportional to the health and conditions in which the bird or animal is raised, we are proud to announce our next big step towards sustainability in our food system. Today, in partnership with the World Animal Protection India organization, Licious has signed up to the ‘Commitment to Chicken Welfare’. We are the first Indian brand to make this pledge.

Building on our commitment of becoming compliant with the global ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) norms during the current financial year, this pledge to better chicken welfare is yet another meaningful step towards ensuring high levels of animal welfare, quality, sustainability & traceability in our supply chain by the year 2030.

As of immediately, we commit to adopting and adhering to the following ambitious set of standards, that has been designed by World Animal Protection and other leading animal welfare NGOs across the world.

  • All our chickens will be raised in spacious pens. No caged bird will ever enter our supply chain
  • Each bird will be ensured its own minimal square footage so that the pens are never overcrowded
  • The environments in which the birds are raised will have quality of life enrichments like perches and the ground will be covered in dry friable litter
  • Basis the standards prescribed for each breed, there will be enough lighting including natural light
  • The air quality will be monitored and managed to ensure no build-up of ammonia or carbon dioxide
  • All our partners will comply with undergoing third-party audits to ensure that the prescribed standards are being adhered to

Sustainability of our food system is all of our responsibility. We’re undertaking serious change to improve the meat category in this country and our goal is to be aligned with the global ‘Better Chicken Commitment’ as soon as it is commercially available in India.

As a consumer, you can impact change by making conscious choices. Ask where you meat comes from and if it has been responsibly raised and sourced. Together, we must commit to change.

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