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Are Eggs Online Fresh? How Can You Be Sure? Here’s How You Can Tell!

One can never get bored with eggs. From scrambled eggs to sunny side up or even a classic egg bhurji; eggs never fail to step in as comfort food. They are a part of our everyday meals, mostly breakfast or perhaps even an evening snack or an omelette for dinner? The point being, no house goes without stock of eggs. They offer plenty of nutrients while being a great healthy treat. To know more about why eggs are good for you, read this.

However, with busy schedules and our fast-paced lives, we often struggle to make time for grocery shopping. Buying fresh eggs online saves you so much time and makes life a whole lot easier. 

Once you buy eggs online, here’s how you can tell if they’re fresh!

Why Is It Important To Pay Attention To The Freshness Of Your Eggs? 

Whether you purchase your eggs from a supermarket or buy eggs online, it is always important to check if your eggs are fresh. After all, if they’re fresh, your dish is bound to be tastier. Plus, who wants to stay in bed because they had rotten eggs? Ew. 

How To Differentiate Between White Eggs & Brown Eggs Online?

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The general myth is that brown eggs are healthier than white eggs. But honestly, there is no difference between them apart from their shell colour. White hens lay white eggs and red hens lay brown eggs. Nutrition-wise, they’re the same. 

So while buying eggs online, don’t get too confused about which eggs you should buy. As long as they are fresh, you’re good to go! If you’re wondering where you could get fresh eggs online, check out the freshest eggs in town from Licious.  Order now.

How You Can Check The Freshness Of Eggs: 

Checking if the eggs you’re buying online are fresh is super easy and barely a task. Here are some easy methods to tell the freshness of your eggs at home.

Check The Expiration Date

This is the most basic and essential way to tell if the eggs are delivered to you fresh. Most people tend to forget or miss out on doing this. Knowing when your eggs expire gives you an idea of your eggs’ freshness and how long you could use it. 

To keep your eggs fresh, always store them in a refrigerator. If you have leftover raw eggs, pack them in an airtight container and refrigerate them.

Water Test

The water test, also known as the sink or float test is an easy way to check if the eggs purchased online are fresh. Here’s how you can do it. 

  • Fill a tall glass with water. 
  • Pop the egg in the glass. 
  • If the egg is tilted halfway or is vertical, it is fresh.
  • If the egg floats, it isn’t as fresh. 

Crack Open Your Egg

Another safe and quick method to check if the eggs are fresh is to crack open the egg on a plate. 

  • Take a plate and crack open the egg. 
  • Take a close look at the consistency of the egg white. A fresh egg would have an opaque colour that is not too spread out. 
  • If the egg is quite runny, loose and watery, it isn’t very fresh. 

Sniff Your Egg 

Sniffing your eggs is one of the quickest ways to tell the freshness of eggs. All you have to do is: 

  • Crack open the egg. 
  • Get a quick whiff of it. 
  • If there is an eggy smell, your egg is fresh and can be cooked. 
  • If there is a foul, pungent smell, it’s a red flag to toss the egg right out. 

Benefits of Buying Eggs Online

Today, we’re lucky that the most basic things are made available to us at the click of a button. We’re all so caught up in our fast-paced lives that we could use a little cheat sheet to get things done faster. Here’s why buying eggs online is a great idea. 

  • Buying eggs online saves you time. 
  • It is a lot more pocket friendly. 
  • Variety; buying eggs online offers you a lot more variety to choose from. 

To get fresh eggs online, head to over Licious. Cook up some delicious egg recipes for a wholesome homely meal. Order now.

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