Fresh Meat vs Freshly Cut Meat

Fresh meat will always win the quality war.

Once upon a time, the only place you could buy meat was at the butcher’s. Then, frozen meats began to appear in supermarkets. While that certainly made things easier, it also kicked off debates about the quality of fresh v/s frozen meat. Purists still wanted their meat freshly-cut, right in front of their eyes. Who knows how long ago that frozen piece of chicken was slaughtered? That might be a fair point, but trust us – just because something’s cut fresh in front of you, that’s no guarantee for its quality.

Here are some of your freshness queries answered – the Licious way!

What is the difference between fresh meat and freshly cut meat?

While both terms seem interchangeable, they are not. Fresh meat is simply meat that hasn’t undergone any preservation processes (curing, canning, dehydrating, etc.). It might be chilled or vacuum-packed to preserve its freshness, but that’s all. Freshly cut meat refers to meat that’s butchered on the spot in front of you. And while a lot of people consider that a measure of quality, it really isn’t the only thing you should factor in when you’re looking for high quality meat.

This is mostly because while the meat might have been butchered in front of you, and therefore seems ‘fresh’, you still have no knowledge about how the animal was raised, what it was fed, if it had any diseases… At Licious, we take all these things into consideration, and ensure that you only get the best quality meat. Read on and you’ll see how.

How will I know the meat is good quality?

We believe everything affects the quality of meat. How old the animal is when slaughtered, how much it weighs, its health, origin, what it was fed – all this affects the taste and texture of the meat that ends up on your plate. To ensure you only get the highest quality meat, we only work with farmers who take good care of their livestock and raise the best ethically-raised breeds that are administered nutrient-rich feed under stringent biosecurity protocols. Meaning, you can be assured that the meat you’re eating is not only delicious, but also healthy.

How will I know the meat is healthy?

All our fresh produce comes from partners who operate/manage government-approved slaughterhouses that follow guidelines prescribed by the relevant local/administrative authorities. They’re then transported to our first-of-its-kind world-class production unit where we adhere to the highest quality standards by combining meat science and artisanal butchery. For instance, when rigor mortis sets in, the resulting meat can end up being tough and rubbery if not treated right. We allow all red meats to gradually recover from rigor mortis naturally, and only then send it to our butchers to be broken down into various cuts – ensuring supple and tender red meat every time.

How will I know that the meat is fresh?

At Licious, we don’t freeze meat. Ever. We always store it in temperature controlled environments between 0 and 4 degree celsius – from our production unit to our transportation vehicles right to your doorstep. You can check the freshness of all meat and seafood by checking their texture, colour, and odour. This table will help.





Texture Shouldn’t be slimy Shouldn’t be slimy Shouldn’t be slimy
Firmness Should be soft Should be firm Should be slightly firm
Colour Should be pink Should be red Gills must not be discoloured
Odour No odour Gamey odour Shouldn’t be foul/too fishy

How should I store the meat to ensure freshness?

Now that you’ve received fresh meat, you need to store it right. First, don’t freeze the meat. Store it between 0 and 4 degree celsius – the chiller tray of your refrigerator should do. The meat will remain fresh for up to 2 days. Do check the package for the best before information for each product.

When it comes to quality, it’s clear fresh meat wins. It’s also convenient since it’s delivered to your doorstep and a more pleasant meat-buying experience. So, what are you waiting for? Order fresh meat on Licious today!  


  1. Sarabjeet Singh

    What is procedure of your cutting. I mean Halal or Jatka.

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  3. Yousuf Khan

    Is it halal and healthy…..

  4. Ifneela Meraj

    Hi. Though this question has been answered before I am asking it again for reassurance. Is the meat Halal cut?

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