How To Tell If Your Meat Is Fresh

We love meat. And if you’re reading this, chances are you do too! It makes all our meals so much more fulfilling. Eating fresh meat is a sure shot way to ensure that your dish will be delicious. Have you ever wondered if the meat delivered to you is fresh? Do you know how to check if your meat is fresh? 

Fresh meat is just better! It’s safe to consume and gives you a tastier dish that will be juicy and tender. Read our blog about fresh meats and why you should never freeze them to learn more. 

If you want to confirm that your meat is in fact fresh, it’s really easy! Here are some tips to help you out!

Here’s How You Can Tell If Your Meat Is Fresh 


  • Clean Cuts 

First and foremost, notice the kind of cuts your chicken has. They ought to be well cut and in suitable sizes. Clean cuts are one of the most effective ways to tell if your chicken is fresh. 

It gives you a sense of the chicken sold to you is fresh and not stale or leftovers. 

  • Colour 

The colour of the chicken will tell you volumes about the freshness of the chicken. Make sure you pay attention to this aspect. A fresh chicken would have a fairly pinkish colour. Any chicken that doesn’t have a pinkish colour is probably not as fresh as fresh can be. 

  • Firmness 

Touch the chicken and check for a sense of tightness. If your chicken is fresh, it will be firm and somewhat springy. Once you get a good feel of it, you will be able to tell if your chicken is fresh or not. If the texture seems a little loose or gooey, there could be a chance that the chicken is not as fresh. 

  • Odour 

Fresh chicken is odourless. If you smell something funny or pungent, run it under water and rinse the chicken to see if the smell is still present. If yes, be sure to consider this a red flag and toss it right out. 


  •  Colour 

Red is the colour your mutton is meant to look. A deep shade of red, to be precise, this indicates the freshness of your meat. However, if the meat in certain places turns to a deep shade of purple, don’t be alarmed. The exposure to oxygen causes the meat to change colour, but your mutton is not spoilt or stale; it is very much fresh. 

  • Texture 

Touch the meat and get a sense of what it feels like. The mutton should feel firm and should spring back to its original size. If the meat is loose, it is a sign of the mutton not being as fresh as you’d want it to be. 

  • Smell 

Never forget to smell the meat. Usually, mutton does not have any particular smell. However, if there is a strong stink or a subtle gamy odour, the mutton may not be the freshest of all. Smelling the meat is an essential part of determining how fresh your mutton is. 


When you’re buying fish, it is vital to pay attention to some essential must-haves that will determine if your fish is fresh or not. 

  • Clear Eyes 

When you are buying fish, pay close attention to its eyes. It should be clear, and a subtle bulge will be present in the eyes. If your fish has greenish or any other coloured eyes, it is a sign that your fish is not fresh and is not safe for consumption. 

  • Colour 

A fresh fish is bright and has a metallic shade attached to it. This colour is an obvious sign that will tell you that your fish is as fresh as it can be. Take a close look at the fish; if there are any dark spots or the flesh has a robust colour, your fish may not be as fresh. 

  • Texture 

The texture of the fish is vital as it will determine the freshness of the fish. It should be soft, tender, yet subtly firm. The meat should also be a tad springy. If the meat is not tender but is smudgy or gooey, the fish may be stale. Also, look out for any sort of milky gooey liquid. If your fish is oozing this out, discard it immediately as it is not safe for consumption. 

  • Well Connected Scales 

One of the main aspects of your fish being fresh is its scales. The more firm and well connected they are, the fresher is your fish. If the scales are far apart from each other, it only means your fish is not as fresh as you’d want it to be.


  • Odour 

Prawns at all times are odourless. If you happen to smell something fishy, it is a sign that your prawns may have lost their freshness. Just to be sure, run it under water and give it a rinse. If the smell is still present, you may want to reconsider consuming them. 

  • Colour

Fresh prawns are translucent. If your prawns have dark green or blue spots on them, they’ve been exposed to toxins or bacteria and are not as fresh and may not be safe for consumption. 

  • Texture 

Fresh prawns will always have a lowkey firm texture. They are not too firm, neither loose. If your prawns are on the loose side, toss them out. 

It is no doubt that we live in a fast-moving world. Shopping for meat may seem tedious. While some people pause for a moment to ensure the meat they’re purchasing is fresh, some don’t. 

We’re here to tell you that checking if your meat is fresh is honestly not time-consuming yet so essential.

These are some of the bare essentials that you need to look for in fresh meat. It will naturally up your meat game in terms of tenderness, juiciness, and the taste it will bring to any dish you choose to cook.

Of course, if you choose to order from Licious, you can be assured that your meats will be 100% fresh, never frozen. We store all our meats and seafood at 0-4℃ to ensure that they are always fresh. Try our fresh meats and you’ll see all your dishes will be delicious. After all, Licious Fresh is Delicious Fresh!

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