Why You Shouldn’t Freeze Meat

When it comes to food, convenience is key to many. Perhaps this is what makes us reach for things in the frozen section in our supermarket. But, while it definitely is convenient, buying frozen meat may not be your best option. For one thing, it isn’t the healthiest. And another, how sure are you that the frozen meat being sold to you is as fresh as fresh can be?

Here’s a little glimpse as to why you should not freeze meat and opt for meat that is always fresh and never frozen. 

Does Freezing Meat Kill Bacteria? Nope.

The answer to this question is a hard no. It is a common myth that freezing meat kills bacteria. If the meat has been contaminated before freezing, there is a good chance that the bacteria present in it is very much alive even when the meat is frozen. Freezing meat may slow down the multiplication of bacteria, but once it’s back to room temperature, the bacteria will continue to grow and multiply at its regular pace.

Reduced Tenderness, Less Juicy and Drier Meat 

Who doesn’t love a dish with meat that is all kinds of fresh, juicy and tender? It is a well-known fact that freezing meat reduces its quality to a great extent. The meat is exposed to extreme temperatures for a long period and if not stored properly may be subjected to freezer burn. So when you thaw and cook it, your dish will be less tender, less juicy and drier as compared to fresh meat.

Breakdown of Fibres 

Another con of freezing is that it causes fibre breakdown. Since the meat is exposed to extreme cold, its water content freezes and expands. These ice crystals raise the concentration level of protein in the meat and the essential fibres essentially break down. This issue does not end just there. When the meat is defrosted, you might see some bleeding that is caused due to the rupture of fibres. This breakdown could affect the nutritional level as the nutrition level may take a drop. 

Although freezing meat may be the convenient option in today’s fast life, it is honestly not worth the poor quality and nutrition you end up getting. Choose fresh meat over frozen for better taste, texture and nutrition. And if it is convenience you seek, Licious will deliver your favourite meats and seafood to you in 90 minutes! 

Order the freshest meat now, and you’ll see that all your cooking will be delicious! After all, Licious Fresh is Delicious Fresh.


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