Mayo Mondays

Tucking into a new feast of Masterchef Australia , now in its 8th season , not only leaves us viewers, with contestants with compelling back stories, but also the CRAVING  for the exceptional food they make!

For all foodies around the world, this amazing show of culinary excellence, dexterity and grandeur,  is the ultimate way to keep the eyes peeled to the screens and behinds glued to the seats as the episodes dripping with passion for food, both sophisticated or simple, are telecast.

Masterchef is renowned for throwing curve balls and intimidating ingredients, but luckily for us, we have the archival footages of the recipes made, by the judges or the contestants, so we can simply travel back in time and indulge ourselves with the masterful results of the culinary excellence and nutritional savvy of the best of the bests.

Today we talk about one of the most ubiquitous, beloved and saucy companions of meat dishes, the Mayonnaise.

Mayonnaise has a healthy amount of good fats, because the edible oils used in it come from plant sources. Hence,  eating it aids in nutrient absorption. Bear in mind that vitamins A, D, E and K are all fat-soluble, meaning, these nutrients need fat for them to be dissolved and subsequently be made bio-available.

Eating mayonnaise in moderation then ensures that the fat-soluble nutrients you take in daily through your diet do not get wasted and instead be absorbed efficiently by your body.

Mayonnaise has been identified as one of the potent sources of vitamin E as well. This comes as no surprise as eggs and edible oils from plant sources, the two main ingredients, are both rich in this antioxidant vitamin, and because of the antioxidant profile of this condiment, eating it might just help decrease the risk of succumbing to stroke, according to a study conducted on post-menopausal women.

Home-made mayonnaise will always be superior in terms of quality, taste, and nutrition. For one, you’d get to select healthier edible oils. For another, you’d get to avoid food preservatives and chemical additives that are typically present in commercially produced versions. Furthermore, making your own mayonnaise guarantees fresh condiment every time.

Since there is no one better to teach us than one of the Big 3 from Masterchef Australia, we leave you with  this sauce that accompanies almost any type of meat – whether it’s a simple chicken salad or a smoked cold cut with basil mayo sandwich, or mayo tartar with fried crispy fish or the infamous garlic mayonnaise with  a meaty burger- a match made in heaven!

Grab your favourite meat from Licious and douse it with this magical mayo!

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