Oh, Fish! You Deserve Some Alone Time

Humans are so darn finicky about privacy, we have an entire law dedicated to it! We are ardent about human rights. We raise our voices at the slightest violation of our rights.

But hey, wait a minute. Have we ever spared a thought for respecting the rights of animals? Agreed, endangered animals and our beloved pets get the attention they deserve. But what about fishes? Conservationists have cared about Sharks and Maltese Rayfish, but it has taken a while for the less exotic fish breeds to get to the limelight. The kinds that end up on your plate.

Marine fish numbers (of the commercially viable type) have rapidly dwindled since the last couple of years. The cause-Overfishing, especially during the fish breeding season.

They said justice delayed was justice denied. In this case, justice, although delayed, was a welcome breather! The GOI has taken steps to ensure marine fishes are left alone during the breeding season.

A Fishing Holiday of 60 days is imposed (in phases) on both the eastern and western coasts of India. The ban prohibits trawlers from going out to sea. Mechanized boats are the biggest threat to marine life. The ban also serves to discourage fishermen from going out to sea in the turbulent monsoon weather.

But here’s the catch. The ban doesn’t cover traditional boats-the manual ones. While this supports the less privileged fishermen’s livelihood, it leads them to risk their lives in the choppy monsoon seas.

Seafood sustainability has come to the fore considering the breeding season and the ban that follows.

As consumers, how do you consume fish during this season, without nursing a guilty conscience? You are affected by steep pricing, thanks to the limited supply of seafood. And how could we forget about quality?  The quality is compromised as many buyers procure from faraway sources. Not to forget that adult fishes are egg-laden. Considered a delicacy in many cultures, it has yet to catch up as a mainstream culinary delight!

Many commercial buyers support the ban and have pledged themselves to responsible sourcing-supporting fishermen who use traditional boats but are insured to go to sea. Such collaborations ensure a fresh catch lands on your plate. Without the guilt of having fishermen risk their lives for livelihood.

A way out for you is to consume small fishes-usually found on the sea surface and easily caught by traditional boats. Another smart way is to diversify your palate-try out other varieties of fish and reduce the stakes of ecological imbalance!

So, if you’re craving for Seer Fish, try Barracuda or King Fish. If gorging on delectable white pomfret is your thing, try silver pomfret instead. Cannot do without having sardines? Make an exception this season and opt for mackerel!

Live and Let Live!


  1. Good blog to make consumers aware, but pls highlight on main app as well and provide people options for truly focused sustainable approach

  2. Please spell out the months this season falls in so we can make an informed choice. For both the east and west coast.

  3. Judicious advise to consumers. But as sellers pls follow your own advise and refrain from selling the above varities during these months. Can you do it?

    • Hi Sheetal, thank you for the suggestion. All Licious fish and seafood are responsibly sourced
      Licious deeply believes in the cause.

  4. Thanks for the informative write up. I love seafood and I will do exactly what you advice. Keep the the great work!

  5. Definitely order from delicious as soon as sunshines

  6. Halal cut chicken you don’t have

  7. Is the foods shown are ready to eat.plz clarify to my mobi no.8121212136

  8. Nikhil Digi

    Thanks for the Informative article, creating awareness among us.

  9. Neelam Gupta

    Oh Great Service “You Guys Started with”. I stopped going to the regular shop.
    But alas the story ends. You guys suddenly realize you started a business you couldn’t sustain. Now let’s see how many days you guys take to refund to my account. Your time starts today.

    • Joysree Mitra

      Hi Neelam, we are happy to know about your likeness for our products. We would like to inform you that we are in the process of expansion and hope to start the services soon for your location. The refund for the cancelled order has been initiated from our end and the amount will get credited to your source account within 5-7 business days. Look forward to serving you in the future.

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