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6 Ways Licious has Revolutionised the Meat Industry in India!

In celebration of our 6th birthday, we are taking a look back at our journey. It’s safe to say – we couldn’t be more proud of what we’ve achieved. Since we introduced Licious to India in 2015, we’ve gained the trust of over 1 million of you, and played our part in over 15 million meals!

Our contribution to meat as an industry goes beyond numbers though. So, we thought we’d share some of the big milestones we’ve crossed so far in the pursuit of MAKING MEAT GREAT AGAIN!

Proprietary Cold Chain Network

We’re fully hands-on from start to finish – sourcing to delivery. We own and control the entire journey of your meats and seafood. Our chicken and fish is sourced from biosecure farms and fisheries and our mutton comes only from government-approved partners.

Licious 6th birthday - a pair of blue gloved hands sorting chicken breasts into plastic boxes in a line.

Transformational Packaging

Throughout India, meat is sold in black polythene bags as if it is something to hide or be embarrassed of. When we started down this path, we decided to remove the stigma and bring in the meat L-O-V-E.

Our packages are a celebration of meat love. Your orders are neatly vacuum packed with our FreshSeal technology and then placed in a beautiful white box with the faces of your fellow meat eaters on them.

A Licious package on a white background. The box is white with the smiling faces of the Licious founders - Abhay and Vivek on it and the Licious logo in the top right corner.

150+ Stringent Quality & Safety Checks

We’re India’s first fresh meats & seafood brand with the FSSC 22000 certification! That means we’re certified safe by the world’s biggest authority on food safety! What does that mean for your meats and seafood? It means they pass through over 150 safety and quality checks before being delivered to your doorstep. 

It's the logo of the SFFC global safety certification. A lady in white on a red background - she is holding a torch and a baton in each hand. Below the logo its says - Global safety certification# in black.

India’s First Meat Spread

Another uniquely Licious undertaking; we launched India’s first ever meat spread! We’ve now got an entire range of chunky spreads made from fresh eggs, chicken and prawns. Our spreads have no artificial preservatives and come in a wide variety of flavours. For example – creamy tomato, continental, honey-mustard and more. Be sure to check them out. 

It's a picture of one of the Licious meat spread jars open on a platter. There are two wraps that are filled with the spread beside the jar. There is also a grey napkin on the right hand side.  The background of the image is also grey.

Building the Category, not just a Business

At Licious we aren’t just building the meat industry, we’re uplifting our staff and our partners. We don’t have ‘butchers’, we have highly skilled Meat Technicians. Our delivery executives are full-time employees with benefits, not contractors. Our Licians have ample growth opportunities as well – to learn about quality standards and safe practices.

Licious 6th birthday - Two men standing beside a conveyer  belt and working on the mechanism.

Tech Forward

When it comes to technology – we dived in head first. We use proprietary AI technology to train our meat technicians, ensuring clean and precise cuts. We also use tech to track and monitor the temperature of our products through our entire supply chain. To keep meat fresh it needs to be kept chilled at temperatures between 0-4℃, the use of technology allows us to ensure this happens. Furthermore, we even use tech to help reduce wastage. 

Licious 6th birthday - A temperature control monitor mounted on the wall displaying 3 degrees celcius.

For the last 6 years every move we’ve made in this industry has had one main driving force behind it – FOR THE LOVE OF MEAT. We are so enthusiastic about making meat an enjoyable experience for the 72%+ of Indians who eat it. As a member of that group, we want you to know that when it comes to meat, we’re as particular as you are. 

To mark our 6th birthday and these 6 milestones, we want to celebrate in a big way and we’d love for you to join in. So, we’ve added 6 meaty rewards to your Licious account as a thank you for coming along on our journey. We hope you enjoy them!


  1. Sanghamitra

    Happy 6th birthday

  2. Jaya Nigam

    First of all, highly grateful for starting this service which has been a big help during the pandemic lockdown . With the prompt service, amazing app, simply adorable fresh meat(now don’t want to go anywhere else) and above all the blogs and recipes in the user-friendly app., you guys are a complete package. Also, appreciate the prompt help online I have been getting whenever I have called for payment problems(solved) or delivery issues(solved). Really appreciate and have been getting similar positive responses from family and friends.
    Thankyou and keep up the great service.
    Look forward for a long innings as a customer in the future.

  3. K Srinivaskumar

    H B D to Licious…we r happy to u…taste and quality is very good… delivary also good…thanks to Licious

  4. Satyanarayana Rao

    Really great journey and love your items and thanks for your birthday rewards

  5. Hello, I love Licious chicken and I ordered twice a week ..I wanna Do add of licious in my YouTube channel request you to help me …… THANK YOU

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