Quack for the Attack

The Delectable Duck has recently made a triumphant return to our catalogue.

It’s one of the tastiest, healthiest and most versatile meats out there.

If you are unfamiliar with it, you might wonder, why the duck should I eat it?

Well, aside from the fact that it oozes a large amount of succulent and juicy goodness, it has a wide variety of health benefits:

High in Antioxidants:  It’s a great source of Selenium which helps protect cells from free radicals. These compounds increase the risk of heart disease and cancer. . The presence of Zinc also helps boost the Immune System.

Helps Anaemia: The presence of Vitamin B12 assists in prevention, phosphorous assists in converting food into energy, and Iron assists the formation of haemoglobin in red blood cells

Overall Physical and Mental Health: Our bodies need copper; it is an essential trace mineral that is vitally important for both physical and mental health and duck meat is a good source for it.

Bone Health: It improves mineral density and decreases bone turnover assisting issues such as osteoporosis.

Boosts Metabolism: It’s a great source of Vitamin B, which helps in metabolising fatty acids and amino acids. It also contains Omega-6 which is a polyunsaturated fatty acid that helps to regulate the metabolism by instructing the body to burn fat, not store it.

High in Protein: The High Protein Content helps your muscles deal with the wear and tear of an active and vibrant lifestyle.

Healthy Skin and Hair: The great amount of Riboflavin and Niacin helps keep your skin glowing and ageless.. Omega 3 and Omega fatty acids in duck meat help accelerate hair growth and combat skin diseases like Eczema.

Now that you have learned the benefits of Duck Meat, it’s time to learn a few novel ways to cook it:

Roasting: It involves cooking the duck at a reasonably high temperature after pricking the skin with a fork to penetrate the fat and continuously basting with the fat in the bottom of the pan during cooking to retain moisture.

Confit (pronounced confee): Confit is the name given to a meat which has been cooked in its own fat and then covered and preserved in the same fat to prevent spoilage.

Grilling: It usually involves a significant amount of direct, radiant heat, and tends to be used for cooking meat quickly. This is suitable for the breast meat, a recommend scoring the kin, seasoning and grilling the skin side first until most of the fat has rendered out of the skin before turning it over for a pink moist, crisp, non fatty bundle of goodness.

Pot Roasting: It typically involves browning a roast-sized piece of duck meat and then slow-cooking in or over liquid in a covered dish.  The slow process tenderises the meat thoroughly, while the liquid exchanges its flavour with that of the meat. The result is tender, succulent meat and a rich liquid that lends itself to gravy.

So there you have it, Duck Meat 101. You do not need to duck away from this delectable delicacy anymore. Licious has got the best duck meat in town.



  1. S.Ramachandran

    How to pre order

    • Joysree Mitra

      Dear S.Ramachandran, please select the products and proceed, at this stage, the application would display the available dates and time slots of the availability of the products, select your preferred date and place the order. Please note that products which are displayed as ” Out Of Stock “, are not available for placing orders. For any assistance, feel free to reach out to us at Talktous@licious.in or call us at 1800-4190-786

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