Indian Salmon

Rawas Fish Explained: The What, How & Why of This Popular Delicacy

Rawas or Indian Salmon scores well on taste and nutritional value. Unlike most fish, Rawas has a unique, mild scent. It is a versatile and tasty fish variety known for its firm texture, succulent white meat, and lip-smacking taste.

Where is Rawas fish popular? 

Rawas is one of the most widely available and most savoured fish in India. It is found along the western coast, in the coastal waters of Maharashtra and Gujarat.

Rawas, omelette, gravy, and coconut curry are some of the most popular dishes. Whether it is a warm summer or a cold winter, you cannot resist a finger-licking Rawas curry. 

What kinds of cuts are available on Licious? 

At Licious, we have a variety of fresh Rawas cuts like steaks and boneless cubes. All our fish and seafood is washed, descaled, cleaned and then cut, so you don’t have to! Just use it straight out of the pack and into your pan. Order fresh Rawas fish now to satiate your cravings! 

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How Tasty is Rawas Fish?

Rawas is one of the most savoured fish. They enjoy massive popularity due to being incredibly tender, soft and flavourful.

How to cook Rawas fish?

No matter whether you grill Rawas, bake it or fry it, it simply tastes luscious.

If you like grilled fish, here is the process:

In a bowl, mix together dried herbs of your choice, black pepper, salt, and your favourite spices along with lemon juice and a couple of tablespoons of oil. Rub the marinade properly all over the fish and let it marinate for an hour minimum. Grill your fish fillets in a grill pan on medium heat for roughly 7 minutes on either side and serve hot with a side of rice and some coconut chutney.

 If you plan to savour the fried, here is the process:

Marinate the fish with ginger, garlic, turmeric, salt, chilli powder, and tamarind paste. Allow it to marinate for 30 minutes. Heat oil in a pan and coat the Rawas steaks with semolina. Shallow fry it till it turns golden brown and crisp on both sides. 

You can serve the Rawash fish with a sauce of your choice. 

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Bon Appetit!

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