Tips and Treats For An Easy Christmas Table

T’was the night before Christmas. The house was quiet, the precious tree with its twinkling lights was bright and shining, there was red and green decor up in the hall, and the Christmas tree with its decorative charms dancing in the breeze. Everywhere in the home was an expectant sigh, like a hushed waiting for the night to descend. All that remained to do was to make merry, connect with friends and loved ones, feast on cakes and bakes without guilt and gorge on some sinfully scrumptious cakes. But the Christmas table was still to be done and therein lay the best of it all.

The Christmas table is a showcase like none other. All the crazy running around, decorating, baking, cooking and making culminates in this. Below are a few touches, tips and treats to prepare it well and in celebration of the season.

Christmas Food Ideas

  • Whole Turkey – A traditional Thanksgiving dish, turkey is a special Christmas treat that was first made during the festive season by Britain’s King Henry VIII. You can enjoy this meat just as royally with a beautiful blend of spices and vegetables on the sides. Either whole or cooked, it brings out all the flavouring of the meat. Buy Turkey Whole Now!
  • Honey Duck Roast – Cooking duck whole is a very old tradition but roast the meat and it takes the entire dish up a notch. Marinate your duck well and the flavour that comes through sits wonderfully on your palette. A ready prepared Honey Roast Duck works quite as well to enjoy its delicate flavour and texture. Buy Now!
  • Stuffed Chicken Roulade – Chicken is best enjoyed whole or in curries. But Chicken Roulade puts a spin to the traditional method of preparation by using the meat as a base to wrap vegetables and spices. The rolled chicken cut into slices is immensely satisfying and an inventive showcase of your culinary skills. Buy Stuffed Chicken Roulade Now!
  • Rabbit Stew – Rabbit meat was a life saver for soldiers during WW2, and this meat will be yours this Christmas. Great for health and a perfect sponge for your spices, you can add it to gravies, prepare a heart-warming stew or skewer it with a spicy marinade to make kebabs. Buy Rabbit Curry Cut Now!
  • Herb Spiced Red Snapper– Surprise your guests in a unique way with something other than meat with this Oven Roasted Red Snapper Fillet. These crisped-skin topped fillets on a bed of vegetables look beautiful on the table and are perfect alternatives to meat. Buy Herb Spiced Red Snapper!

Christmas Decor Ideas

  • Colors – Christmas is all about bright colors. Red, green and gold truly embody the festive spirit and can be added to table furnishings.
  • Centrepiece – While you may not be the cynosure of all eyes on Christmas, your centerpiece definitely can. A bouquet of flowers, green twigs, sprigs of rosemary and pine cones add rusticity while creating the right mood for the season
  • Placemats- As simple as they are, placemats transform the look of any Christmas table. They make boring look bright, add an element of interest and visual texture. If you’ve never had them, then do it now and watch how possessive you get
  • Wine Glasses – Christmas without wine is just so unthinkable. Whether paired with cooked chicken breast or some tender lamb, wine flutes add a lovely character to the table.

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