4 Irresistible Ways to enjoy Chicken with Skin-on

It’s not only tasty, turns out it’s not so bad for you!

Chicken with skin-on is utterly delicious, but many of us prefer to eat it without. Presumably to cut out cholesterol or simply to get to the meaty stuff right away. While stripping the chicken of its skin can rid off a few calories, it also takes away the scrumptiousness and big flavour from the meat. If cooked well, especially over direct heat such as grilling, chicken skin could be the best part! Moreover chicken cooked with the skin on will be more tender, succulent and flavourful because the skin retains all of the moisture in the meat.

Try some chicken with skin-on. Here’s why:

While chicken is a good source of lean protein, its skin has a bad rap for being fatty. For years, doctors and nutritionists advised removing it, but now studies claim chicken skin isn’t bad as originally believed. In fact, most of the fat in it is healthy, and unsaturated which is good nutrition. According to Amy Myrdal Miller, The Culinary Institute of America, “Chicken skin mainly consists of unsaturated fat, which unlike saturated fat, is good for you. Unsaturated fats can improve cholesterol, help with inflammation, and stabilize heart rhythms.” The skin on your chicken will add about 50 calories per serving and make it moist and juicy.

Chicken skin is the most flavourful part of the bird! When cooked it crisps up and lends a delicious aroma to the lean meat and cuts out the need for excess oils or strong marinades. It packs in great flavour and keeps the meat tender and juicy while cooking and even afterwards.

Relish skin-on chicken with these delectable dishes

Now that you know it isn’t bad for you, go for chicken with the skin on. Whether you choose a whole chicken or pieces, retain the skin for the juiciest meat. Here are some ideas to cook your chicken:

A whole chicken is easy to cook and a treat to the eyes. It can be the centrepiece of any feast and everyone gets to pick their favourite pieces.

1) Whole grilled chicken
Relish tender chicken with crispy golden skin opulently marinated in the choicest spices and herbs. Whole grilled chicken is perfect for a get-together or weekend meal. It pairs well with salads, vegetables or rice for a complete meal.

2) Roast chicken
Smear your favourite hot or mild sauce over a whole chicken with skin, add some butter and leave it in the oven. What you get is gorgeous roast chicken oozing with flavour, tender inside and crackling outside.

Chicken pieces with skin-on add rich texture to gravies and pack a flavourful punch when used for kebabs and grills.

1) Crispy chicken kebabs
Deliciously spiced fried or flame grilled chicken, with super-crispy skin and tangy flavours. Kebabs are a classic and forever favourite with adults and kids. They are great as starters and the highlight of any meal.

2) Rich chicken curry
The chicken with skin on is cooked in an Indian spice mix, slow fried in ghee to yield a sumptuous curry with off the bone tender meat. The oil from the skin infuses with the spices adding to the richly textured curry.

Next time you get chicken, try it with the skin on.

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