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Why Are Eggs Good for You?

Sunday ho ya Monday, roz khao ande. All of us know of this catchy jingle, either from the TV advertisements or from our health-conscious mummies who would coax us to eat eggs every day and cook up delicious preparations to ensure that we did—from omelette roti wraps to boiled egg sandwiches.

The humble egg has always been considered to be a versatile superfood. Packed with protein, necessary vitamins and good fats, eggs keep us healthy in more ways than one. Add to that the many dishes one can cook up with it, it’s clear why it’s so highly appreciated and enjoyed around the world.

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Let’s take a closer look at this modest kitchen staple and learn of its benefits.  

Small Package, Big Power

Eggs are jam-packed with essential nutrients! A single boiled egg can cover a portion of your daily Vitamin D requirements, keeping your bones and teeth as strong as they need to be. They’re also a great source of Omega-3 – an essential fat that is vital for cell membrane repair and is great for heart and brain health.

Contrary to popular belief, eggs actually help in reducing the risk of heart disease, by increasing HDL (high-density lipoprotein) levels, a.k.a ‘good cholesterol’. 

Additionally, anyone worried about weight management should know that eggs assist in controlling your hunger levels. Eating eggs can make you feel full for longer by delaying the rate at which food leaves the stomach and increasing fullness levels.

They’re also rich in antioxidants lutein and zeaxanthin that reduce the risk in certain eye diseases and help in healthy aging too! 

Easily Available

Eggs are possibly amongst the most easily available protein sources out there. At Licious, we offer a variety of fresh eggs that are laid naturally by chickens in a free-range environment, ensuring the eggs are at their flavourful best. Have them arrive at your doorstep in 120 minutes, by ordering them on the Licious app! The eggs are inexpensive, easy to cook with and impart a rich flavour, making them a welcome addition to any meal.

There’s No One Way to Eat Them 

From a simple Egg and Cheese Sandwich to the exotic and spicy Shakshuka, eggs have always taken part in a variety of cuisines. They can be the main component of the dish, like in a Mutta Kebab but also be a companion to other ingredients, like in a pancake. It’s vital in baking, creating the perfect batter for any fried food, and works as a perfect garnish atop a plate of warm ramen noodles – no other food takes on so many roles.

For quick, easy meals and for elaborate ones, eggs have always been an inconspicuous but important part of our diet. We’d love to hear about your love for eggs and how you cook them; put your thoughts down in the comments below! We have quite a collection of egg-based recipes on the Licious blog as well, be sure to check them out. 

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