5 meats & seafood that you love to cook

There’s no denying that our country absolutely loves to cook a variety of meats & seafood. At Licious, we offer you the widest range of fresh meats & seafood so that you can truly enjoy meat the way it’s meant to be and have the convenience of choosing the right cut for any dish you might dream up.

While we have over 200 varieties and cuts to choose from, here’s a look at the top 5 meats and seafood that India loves to cook:

Chicken Curry

Looks like India has a special place in their kitchen for chicken curries. How do we know? You guys sent the chicken sales through the roof in the last five years, especially curry cuts. So what’s been cooking – butter chicken, ghee roast or good old masala chicken? Whatever it is, we’re glad that we have been a part of your daily meals.

Mutton Curry

Of course, this had to be on the list. We know how much you love your gravies and if mutton was not on the list it would be shocking. Seems like every now and then you like to amp up your meals with some rich goat curry cuts. Believe us when we say – your taste is just outstanding.

Salami and Eggs

Turns out you’ve got your breakfast sorted with eggs & salamis. Is it just us or is it the most ultimate breakfast combo ever? We’re happy to deliver fresh classic eggs and lots of salamis to you every morning. So keep the breakfast table loaded.

Afghani Murgh Seekh Kebabs

We have to give it to you, you’ve got some exquisite taste in food. We wanted to offer you convenience, taste and of course, fresh ready-to-cook delights so that you can always have a meaty bite to uplift a mundane meal. We’re so glad that from all the delicious ready-to-cook offerings we have, you like our Afghani Murgh Seekh Kebabs the best. Wish you could see us right now, we’re giddy with excitement.

Bombay Duck – Bombil

Drumroll, please! You are no stranger to exotic cooking. Your love for our Bombay Duck is so big that we sometimes have trouble keeping it in stock! Thanks for choosing us for your special occasions. It’s a great feeling to know that when it comes to your love for exotic meats we were able to deliver our finest to you.

Here’s to the last 5 years of delivering the best meats & seafood to you, and here’s hoping to be a part of all your greatest cooks in the future.

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