Why The Emperor Fish is a Delicious Addition to your Everyday Meal

Found in shallow reefs and seagrass beds, the emperor fish is a delicacy enjoyed worldwide. They live in large schools and are a favourite among fishermen and city dwellers across India. There are many varieties of the emperor fish, like the Red Emperor and Trumpet Emperor. What makes it sought-after is its taste and texture. The Emperor fish is known to be less oily and have a mild and slightly sweet flavour. 

A true Emperor in the kitchen!

When cooked to perfection, you cannot go wrong with the Emperor fish. It is especially tasty as fish and chips or sauteed fish and gravy, or even grilled with some vegetables. The Emperor fish is versatile, which makes it such a great match for Indian food. If you are looking for a firm fish that needs very little seasoning or garnish, the Emperor fish should be your preferred choice.

For those looking to take a break from fish curries and try something a little different in the kitchen, the Emperor fish should be on the top of your list. Let’s look at a gourmet recipe that is flavourful and will keep you coming back for more:

Crusted Emperor fish fillets

These butter-crusted Emperor fish fillets are relatively easy to prepare and go perfectly with a side of mashed potatoes, vegetables or rice. For this recipe, you will require filleted pieces of Emperor fish.

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So what are the ingredients required for a truly gourmet butter-crusted Emperor fish?

Get the choicest Emperor fish steaks!

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Why The Emperor Fish is a Delicious Addition to your Everyday Meal
  1. Make the butter crust: Mix 150 grams of butter, coriander powder, shallots, mustard sauce, parsley, salt, and pepper until it forms a thin cream. Apply a thick layer of butter on each side of your Emperor fish fillets.
  2. Coat the fish in crumbs: Arrange bread crumbs on a flat plate. Whip up two eggs, take the butter-coated Emperor fish fillets and dip them in the beaten eggs, and then in the bread crumbs to coat your fish fillets.
  3. Cook to perfection: Heat up your pan, keep it on a medium flame, add 2 tablespoons of butter to the pan. Place your coated Emperor fish fillets in the pan. Cook each side for 10 minutes until the crust is golden brown on both sides. Add the cherry tomatoes to the pan 5 minutes into the cooking process.
  4. Serve hot with a side of your favourites: Take out your butter-crusted Emperor fish fillets and it's ready to serve with a side of vegetables, mashed potatoes, rice or bread of your choice. Squeeze the zest of a lemon onto the Emperor fish fillets for a zesty kick while serving. And voila, your butter-crusted fish fillets are ready!
Recipe Notes

Feel free to add as much butter as required, keeping your fitness goals in mind. Cut and place lemon wedges along the side of your dish. When using an oven, preheat the oven to 220℃ before the fish goes in, use baking paper or foil to avoid sticking to the tray. Cook each side for 10-15 minutes. When using a microwave, set the temperature and cook for 15-20 minutes. You can avoid eggs and coat the crumbs with the butter mix alone if you want.

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