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Crabs on a plate

Buying crab online? Here’s what you need to know

Come along as we crack down on this mystery meat!  Fresh and sweet crab is available at different times of the year all over the country. In coastal areas, crab is bought straight off fisherman and devoured in curry, fries and salads. Known for its distinct flavour and supple texture, […]

Ayala Curry in a clay pot on a wooden table

How To Make A Simple, Authentic Ayala Curry

Made with an interesting, key ingredient you may not know about! If there’s one recipe that every Malayali mother knows like the back of her hand– it’s the simple, yet delicious Ayala curry, or Mackerel fish curry. Common in households across the state, this flavoursome curry is often paired with […]

Methi Mutton Curry in a brown earthen bowl

How To Make Easy And Delicious Methi Mutton Curry

Whip Up Delicious Methi Mutton Curry In A Pressure Cooker When it comes to cooking delicious meat dishes, Indian cuisine is a tough contender to beat. From our spice-infused curries to our delicious biryanis, Indian food is a notch above the rest. We like our meat well cooked, seasoned in […]