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Mangsho Chop: Delicious, Meaty Snack for a perfect evening!

Deep-fried snacks are irresistible, let’s just admit it! Delicious croquettes filled with potatoes, fresh onions, coriander leaves, green chillies, and many more along with a whole load of spices can easily get us drooling. While there is a wide variety of croquettes prepared and enjoyed in the different cities of […]

Make this Doi Murgi Recipe for Jamai Sasti and Relish its Creamy, Authentic Flavour!

Jamai Sasti is one of the most popular festivals celebrated in Bengal. On this auspicious day, the son-in-law is treated with much splendour, entertainment, and gifts. They are fed with mouth-watering Bengali delicacies to keep the spirits of the festival up and roaring. The authentic Bengali chicken curry or Doi Murgi is one of the best chicken curry recipes present in the country. This mouth-watering delicacy combines the goodness of chicken, yoghurt and flavourful spices.